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Jun 28, 2016, 3:55:50 PM6/28/16
to Project Aon Announcements
Project Aon are proud to announce the mass re-release of a number of the older pdf documents enhanced using SVG images.

Over the past few years, the pdf releases have begun to show their age. While they were acceptable facsimiles when originally released, they don’t stand up to too much scrutiny when using more modern graphics cards and monitors. The decision was made to completely revamp the existing pdfs that contain graphic elements with better quality, higher-resolution scans. However, using “raster” graphic formats will always result images that don’t scale well when zoomed. This is particularly apparent in line-drawings and in images which contain text.

Enter the svg format, which instead of storing data as a raster image, stores it as a vector. This allows for a number of improvements over the original files:

* Black-and-white images now scale perfectly, even at maximum zoom. No more blockiness or ugly grey ‘wisping’ around the lines;

* Text has been replaced with actual type and can be highlighted; it also zooms perfectly;

* Non-standard text has been replaced with specially-created fonts to enhance the legibility.

The following documents have been updated to take advantage of this improvement in quality:

* Combat Heroes series (Black Baron, White Warlord, Emerald Enchanter, Scarlet Sorcerer)
* The Skull of Agarash
* The Magnamund Companion
* The Lone Wolf Poster Painting Book
* The Lone Wolf Anniversary Calendar
* Legends of Lone Wolf Vignettes
* Lone Wolf Replacement Artwork
* Games Master #4 (Lone Wolf-themed articles)

Also improved is the compilation of the Lone Wolf Club Newsletters, which has been completely revamped page-by-page to enhance readability by replacing virtually all text elements with actual type and implementing a comprehensive bookmark system to help you find exactly what you’re looking for across its 400+ pages. Note that only the complete compilation is now available; we have discontinued the 37 separate Newsletter documents.

The upgraded Lone Wolf Club Newsletters particularly benefit from the use of vector graphics. Wherever possible, images taken from the original books have been replaced with high-resolution vector versions making the Newsletters the best quality that have ever been. The quality of Combat Heroes, too, is much increased, and the four books are now much more user-friendly.

The intention is to make use of higher quality SVGs in the Project Aon editions of the books, but we are looking into upgrading the webpage format (from xhtml 1.0 transitional to the more modern html5) in order to do this more easily, so we currently have no ETA for that, or for pdf editions of the actual books.

Visit the links from <http://www.projectaon.org/en/Main/Books> for access to these updated files.
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