Kotlin style Infix methods to Java by Lombok

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Artur Zuravljov

Jun 18, 2021, 12:51:32 PM6/18/21
to Project Lombok

Can you please implement infix methods based on static method call to have Kotlin feature of infix method for any Class, if it is possible.

Here is example i expect to have 

@Infix(methodAddTo = List.class)
public static boolean addIfNotExists(List list, String str) {
// list is the actual instance we call method from.
return true;
return false;

public static void main (String [] args) {
ArrayList<String> arrayList = new ArrayList<String>();

boolean result1 = arrayList.addIfNotExists("Hello World!");
boolean result2 = arrayList.addIfNotExists("Hello World!");

LinkedList<String> linkedList = new LinkedList<String>();

boolean result3 = linkedList.addIfNotExists("Hello World!");
boolean result4 = linkedList.addIfNotExists("Hello World!");

Thank you!
Have a good day!


Jun 18, 2021, 1:03:29 PM6/18/21
to Project Lombok
This seems to be similar to extension methods (https://projectlombok.org/features/experimental/ExtensionMethod)

Reinier Zwitserloot

Jun 18, 2021, 1:03:32 PM6/18/21
to Project Lombok
It's already in lombok has been for years :)

Artur Zuravljov

Jun 18, 2021, 2:14:41 PM6/18/21
to project...@googlegroups.com
Yes. It seems so. Thank you.
Have a good day. 

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