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Apr 16, 2011, 12:22:02 AM4/16/11
to Project Gutenberg Thailand
Hi everyone!

Since we're still improving the site, I haven't announced the signup
URL publicly, but it's not a secret either, of course. So for anyone
who missed the announcement I made on my blog, here are basic
instructions for how to get started proofreading or typing with
Project Gutenberg Thailand.

First, head to http://unbindery.gutenbergthai.org and sign up for an
account. Once you're confirmed, log in and click "join a project."

After you've joined one or more projects, click "Get a new page" and
the system will assign one page per project to you at a time.

All English pages should be pre-populated with text output from the
OCR software. If you don't see text, that's probably a bug.

There are two types of Thai projects: Thai typing (for older titles
that can't be OCRed) and Thai proofreading, which are pre-populated
with OCR output just like the English titles.

A few basic guidelines:

1) The job is not to modernize old spellings or grammar. We want to
preserve the contents of the book as-is. Most of the errors that need
fixing arise when the OCR software misreads some characters. That
said, occasionally there are obvious printer's errors in spelling or
punctuation that need fixing. If it's very obviously an error, fix it,
but add ^^^ so it can be reviewed later in the process.

2) Retain line breaks, spelling and punctuation as seen on the page.
(Remember, if you deviate from the original, or are unsure of
something, type ^^^ next to your change.)

3) Don't indent paragraphs. Instead, place a blank line between

4) Remove things like headers and page numbers. Keep footnotes or
other notes.

5) For hyphenated words at the end of the line, bring just the end of
the word (along with any attached punctuation) from the start of the
next line to create the complete word. Leave the rest of the next line
as is. If the hyphen is supposed to be there (as in words like "co-
worker"), join the two halves together but leave the hyphen.

6) For hyphenated words at the end of a page, add ^^^ and we'll fix
those in post-processing.

7) To save an incomplete page to finish later, click "Save as Draft."
Click "Finish" to submit the completed page. Click "Finish & Continue"
to submit the completed page and get a new one.

After your first page the system will email me the results to review.
I'll write you if I have any feedback, and clear you for further

Those are the basics. Feel free to recruit more volunteers!
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