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Sami Abdin

Jun 6, 2010, 1:59:23 PM6/6/10
Hello, I have a few suggestions

The markup syntax appears to be Markdown, is this correct? A small info page on editing would be very useful.
Would it be possible to embed LaTeX expressions, it would be nice to use in describing algorithms.

Am I allowed to include other algorithms for calculating a particular task? for example, in the Fibonacci example
must I only use the three formulas written? as there some other interesting ones that may highlight strengths of
a language.

Sami (zeotrope).

Sergey Dimchenko

Jun 6, 2010, 3:34:27 PM6/6/10
to Progopedia

Yes, it's Markdown. Please use
for reference.
HTML is disabled for security reasons, only tags allowed are <sub> and

About LaTeX. Maybe it's easier to convert LaTeX to image via some
third-party program or service, and add image to article?

And yes, you can use different algorithms.
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