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Welcome to Professors at Play!

We created this Google Group to establish a listserv for you to share your ideas and resources about fun and playful teaching approaches. This list can also serve as a think tank/sandbox where we can toss around developing ideas and get feedback from each other. Play in teaching can be fun but it can also be messy, intimidating, and isolating at times. Let's stick together and sort it out because we find that play in teaching is extremely important and students really love it. 

We also created a Professors at Play website to serve as a visual and public landing page for this group, a place to house resources, and also a Professors at Play blog! David and Lisa are working hard to make it a valuable website and we also invite you to submit resources and even your own blog post to share on the website. Just email us! Check out our website: . You can also follow our social media: Twitter: @PlayProfessors -- Facebook: @professorsatplay -- Instagram:

Once you join this listserv, feel free to share a little about your background and interests around fun teaching. Feel free to post questions and your developing ideas for feedback. If you have ideas for someone else's questions, please respond and share them! Our only rule is that dialogue in this community must be kind, thoughtful, respectful, and playful


Thanks for "playing" with us!

Lisa Forbes & David Thomas
Professors at Play