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Diego Perez

Feb 8, 2022, 9:25:31 AM2/8/22
to,, The General Video Game Competition
Dear colleague,

(Apologies for cross-posting)

Below is the typical email that has the same, (boring), standard, structure of a call for papers. Hence, I'll summarize first to save you some time:
 - Submit your games research to IEEE Conference on Games 2022. It will be fun.
 - The deadline for regular papers is 1st March Anywhere on Earth. It will not be extended. No kidding: no extension. For real.
 - There is a second deadline for auxiliary papers (short, vision, competitions, demo papers) later, May 14th.
 - This year, CoG runs with a double anonymous review system (or double blind, as we used to say). That is, your paper must be anonymized so reviewers can't identify any of the authors.

Many thanks for reading.

Now, if I did manage to pick your interest, please keep reading the formal stuff:

We invite submissions to the 2022 IEEE Conference on Games (IEEE CoG2022, Topics include, but not limited to,

  • Artificial/Computational Intelligence in Games
  • Deep learning / reinforcement learning / evolutionary computation / fuzzy systems / multi-agent systems / tree and graph search methods / knowledge-based methods / artificial general intelligence in games
  • Real-world problem solving and decision-making
  • Game theory
  • Game Design
  • Procedural content generation / Game balance
  • Automatic game design and optimization
  • Mixed-initiative game design
  • Human-AI cooperative creativity
  • Game Technologies
  • Multimedia technologies in games
  • Game interfaces and user interaction
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Game adaptation and content generation
  • Player modeling
  • Affective modeling and emotion recognition
  • Character development
  • Virtual cinematography
  • Game Benchmarks and Competitions
  • Integrated game environment
  • State-of-the-art game AI / General game AI
  • Game to Real World
  • Game education / Simulation training

Papers and Presentations:

 - Full technical papers (8 pages): Full papers have an 8 page limit (including references and appendices), and should constitute a technical or empirical contribution to scientific, technical, and engineering aspects of games.

 - Short papers (2-4 pages) describe work in progress, smaller projects that are not yet ready to be published as a full paper, or new progress on projects that have been reported elsewhere.

 - Competition papers (8 pages) describe research related to one of the conference competitions, including the design of new competitions and in particular submissions to existing competitions.

 - Vision papers (8 pages) describe a vision for the future of the Games field or some part of it, are based on extensive research and include a comprehensive bibliography. Standards for competition papers are as high as for other CoG papers, and standards for vision papers are higher.

 - Demo papers (2 pages) describe work in progress and will be presented during a demo session.

As with IEEE CoG 2022, we will invite the principal authors to submit an extended version of their papers to the IEEE Transactions on Games (ToG), etc.

Peer-review is **double-anonymous**.

Submission deadlines (which will *NOT* be extended):
 - 1st March, 2022: Regular Papers (Full Technical Papers)
 - 14th May, 2022: Auxiliary Papers (Short, Competition, Vision, and Demo)
 - 14th May, 2022: Travel Grants
 - 11th June, 2022: Games Industry Talks
 - 30th June, 2022: Early bird (and author) registration
 - 21-24th August, 2022: Conference.

Conference website:


Diego Pérez Liébana

Senior Lecturer in Computer Games and Artificial Intelligence
School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
Queen Mary University of London, UK
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