Post-Doc Junior Researcher in Signal Processing, Time Series Data Analysis and Machine Learning for Virtual Reality

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Phil Lopes

Feb 7, 2022, 5:37:03 AM2/7/22
to Procedural Content Generation

HEI-Lab is looking for a Junior Researcher proficient in Signal Processing, Time Series Data Analysis and Machine Learning. The person hired will be responsible for various phases of research and integrated in a multidisciplinary team of researchers at the crossroads of game design, procedural content generation, virtual reality, biomedicine, psychology, and artificial intelligence. The core research field will be the construction of systems and experiences that leverage human physiological sensors for the adaptation of virtual content and capable of reporting detailed patient feedback for therapists during and post exposure. 

The majority of applications have a focus in using physiological monitoring technology such as ECG, EDA, EMG and EEG; as such applicants who already have some degree of experience with these technologies will be favoured.


  • Take part of the experimental protocol design to optimize the data collection process and facilitate the processing methodology.
  • Clean, process and analyse time-series data, which can include the construction of tools and algorithms that aid this process for future projects.
  • Build statistical models through established techniques for the recognition and prediction of common human-based behaviours.
  • Become the signal processing “expert” of the research unit, allowing fellow researchers to consult your expertise within the field. 


Gross monthly wage: 2134.73 euros, with correspondence to level 33 to the single remuneration table, which is updated based on the remuneration and the value table of the basic monthly remuneration as approved by Ordinance nr. 1553-C/2008, of December 31st, and combined with Decree-Law nr. 10/20201, of February 1st.



The contract to be carried out is scheduled to start on April 1, 2022, ending on April 30, 2025.



The HEI-Lab itself is a research centre located at the Lusófona University, in Lisbon, Portugal.



Applications are accepted until the 28th February 2022, and must be sent  by e-mail to with CC’d, with “COFAC/ULHT/HEI-LAB/JR/2022” (without quotations) as the email subject and with the following documents attached:


  • Presentation letter referring to the reasons that justified the application; 
  • Curriculum "vitae" mentioning professional experience, accompanied by a list of scientific publications produced and participation in funded projects; 
  • Doctoral certificate;
  • Identification and contacts with the respective “email” addresses - of at least two academic personalities who attest to the displayed curriculum; 
  • Work plan for the 3-year period to be developed in the 'Human-Computer Interaction' area, compiled by the HEI-Lab I&D Labs
  • (;
  • Link to their Portfolio Page (e.g. GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket, Personal Website, etc.)
  • Other documents considered relevant by the candidate and which, in his perspective, seem relevant to prove and evaluate the respective


Further Details:

Additional information about the proposal can be found here: Questions on the proposal can be directed to

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