CoG 2023: 4 days left to submit your abstract, 11 days left to submit your paper!

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Julian Togelius

Mar 14, 2023, 12:44:15 AM3/14/23
to cigames, proceduralcontent, mariocompetition, The General Video Game Competition
Good morning/evening/teatime dear games researchers,

This email serves to remind you about the deadlines for IEEE Conference on Games 2023, which you are currently writing a paper for. Yes? Yes! I knew it!

We have changed submission systems this year (we now use CMT) and also some other aspects of the process. To make sure everyone is on the same page (in the same boat?), here are the dates:

March 17 (anytime on earth) is a hard deadline to start a paper submission. Minimum requirements are: title, authors, and abstract. No new submissions are allowed after this deadline.

March 24 (anytime on earth) is a hard deadline to edit the paper submission. Authors can up until this date upload or update their paper and have the option for supplementary material. No changes to a submission are allowed after this deadline.

Question: I have a paper submitted to another conference, and I don't know if it will get in yet. The notification is after the 17th but before the 24th. Can I...?
Answer: Yes, you can submit an abstract. But if your paper gets accepted at the other conference, withdraw the abstract right away!
Question: I have a paper about games but I'm not a beep boop robot person, my paper is about education or design or human factors or something that you propellerheads may not understand. Should I...?
Answer. Yes! We are a broad conference now. We have a wide set of expertise in the reviewer pool The only non-negotiable part is that the paper must be about games somehow. Your paper is very welcome! Beep boop.

You can find more information, and links to the submission system at the website:
There, you can also find pictures of all the organizing committee members the way they looked when they were young(er) and good(er) looking.


Julian Togelius
Associate Professor, New York University
Department of Computer Science and Engineering |

Pier Luca Lanzi

Mar 20, 2023, 7:04:06 AM3/20/23
to, cigames, mariocompetition, The General Video Game Competition
Dear Julian, 

What about submissions to GECCO that will notify the decisions on March 31? 

Can we submit the paper on 24 and eventually withdraw it in case it is accepted by GECCO? Or should we withdraw it immediately since we won’t have an answer by March 24?

Same issue for CEC 2023 :) 

Best wishes


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