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prateek sharma

Dec 15, 2015, 12:30:51 PM12/15/15
to privly
Hi ,
I want to introduce myself to the community. I am Prateek Sharma a sophomore at Indian Institute of Technology , Patna. I am really interested in cryptography and privacy softwares.
I am very excited and want to contribute to this organization I have worked on other open source projects too and have a descent work experience.
Please suggest me from where to start,

Prateek Sharma

Sean McGregor

Dec 15, 2015, 1:18:53 PM12/15/15
to pri...@googlegroups.com
Hi Prateek,

Welcome! A great place to start is the development guide [0], but
since it goes into so much detail you might want to start with
something smaller. I suggest you do the "think-aloud" task I defined
below, then we can help you fix issues that may come up in your


[0] https://priv.ly/pages/develop

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Sean McGregor

Oregon State University, Department of Computer Science
Twitter: seanmcgregor
irc.freenode.net: smcgregor

prateek sharma

Dec 17, 2015, 1:50:42 PM12/17/15
to privly

Thanks McGregor.
It is really very helping . I have started with development guide . And really looking forward to start with some issues.
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