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shuhao qi

Jul 29, 2023, 6:55:03 AM7/29/23
to PRISM model checker
I can successfully export the strategy .dot for csg model. When I export the strategy for smg model, the generated .dot is empty even for the provided examples. It is weird. The used prism-game is the latest 3.1 version. I will appreciate it if you can provide any advice or possible solution to solve this issue.

Dave Parker

Aug 1, 2023, 11:31:35 AM8/1/23
to prismmod...@googlegroups.com, shuhao qi
Hi Shuhao,

Thanks for reporting this. There were various bugs in that code. We've
been overhauling the strategy generation code recently, in both PRISM
and PRISM-games, the first phase of which is now complete. Temporarily,
a few features of PRISM-games' old strategy generation are not
supported, but exporting SMG strategies to a file should be working fine
now (and better than before).

This is pushed to GitHub:


but not yet wrapped up in a public release. If you are able to compile
from source, I suggest you grab the latest code and try again.

Best wishes,

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