PRISM 4.5 and PRISM-games 2.1

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Dave Parker

May 21, 2019, 8:15:52 AM5/21/19
Dear all,

I am pleased to announce that we have recently released new versions of
both PRISM and PRISM-games.

PRISM 4.5 includes a wide range of enhancements, updates and fixes for
both users and developers, and is available here:

PRISM-games 2.1 features significantly simpler installation/compilation,
an overhaul of its examples and case studies and updates from PRISM 4.5.

A full list of changes is appended below.

Best wishes,


PRISM Version 4.5 (first released 19/4/2019)

* New features
- add round function to language (rounds to nearest integer)
- Java stack size can be set via command-line switch -javastack (or
- fractional values allowed for constants in -const switch and in GUI
- allow rewards to be included in simulation paths exported from GUI
(like for -simpath)

* Enhancements and fixes:
- PRISM GUI settings file (.prism) moved to more standard locations
- ITE supported in exact/parametric mode
- various improvements to model checking in "exact" mode
- bugfix for incorrect model construction during fast adaptive
- faster explicit construction of models with no labels
- command-line -exportsteadystates switch implies -steadystate
- GUI shortcuts: double-clicks for addition of constants, labels
- fixed Mac launch scripts for Java 10 (removed -d64 and -d32)
- improved auto switching between model checking engines in some cases
- many minor bugfixes

* Development changes and enhancements:
- alignment of source code releases and GitHub repos (some files moved
to top-level)
- move/simplify release building Makefile scripts (see GitHub wiki)
- utility scripts for installing PRISM on fresh OSs (in etc/scripts)
- HTML copy of manual now included in repo
- make clean_all cleans external libs too, e.g. lpsolve
- switch from javah (deprecated since Java 8) to javac for JNI header
- launch scripts now use exec to start Java by default
(PRISM_NO_EXEC=yes to revert)

* Benchmarking/testing changes and enhancements:
- integration of prism-tests into main repo
- fractions/exact numbers allowed in testing RESULT specs
- Travis build config for continuous integration testing
- prism-auto guesses ngprism location
- prism-auto options: --skip-export-runs, --skip-duplicate-runs, --timeout
- Makefile targets/settings: test, testsecho, testsfull, TESTS_ARGS,
- NG_MAINCLASS setting for running PRISM in Nailgun server mode (prism

PRISM-games Version 2.1 (first released 21/5/2019)

* Merged latest changes from PRISM (up to v4.5 and slightly beyond),
including directory rearrangement (some files moved to top-level)
* Examples and tests tidied up (now in prism-examples/smgs directory
and prism-tests/functionality/verify/{smgs,smgs-multi})
* Simplified dependencies on the PPL library
(in particular, local copies are stored, so binary releases are
* Version number of PRISM-games properly reported/displayed
* Some compositional functionality moved into separate branch for now
* Various bugfixes

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