Runestone exercises in readings being re-assignned as "excercises"

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Nov 27, 2022, 11:48:44 PM11/27/22
to PreTeXt support
I am working with Python for Everyone.

The way I thought I should use the text and Runestone was
1.Assign the book chapters as assignments. (I think this is not the correct way to proceed but I have been doing it this way). For example, read all of chapter 6 due on Dec. 5  -this is assigned as an EXERCISE.
2. Assign exercises from the Exercise section as exercises. For example, do these exercises ............, this is due on Dec. 8th.

The problem I am having is that once the question appears in the reading, in particular a multiple-choice question, and in particular a multiple-choice question that accepts the student's first answer, then if that same question appears in any future exercise, the original answer that originated when the student faced it in the reading, will we saved and the student will not have a chance to answer it anew in the exercises.
Is there any way around this? 
Is the best way around this, just to put the readings as readings and not as exercises?

One more question. I tried to join the slack group but it says the link is no longer valid. Is there a new slack group and if so how can I connect with it?

Thank you!
P.S. I can't come to the live sessions on Wednesday because I am in an Asian time zone. 

Alex Jordan

Nov 28, 2022, 12:00:44 AM11/28/22
This is an issue that I am expecting to have to confront once I start
using Runestone with ORCCA.

If there is an exercise in a selection, and it's assigned as part of
the usual process for how I assign sections... then what happens later
when I want to assign some sort of review assignment? How will I be
able to reassign exercise #47 or whatever knowing that I already
assigned it earlier for something else?
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Nov 28, 2022, 2:10:29 AM11/28/22
to PreTeXt support
* the original answer that originated when the student faced it in the reading, will be saved and the student will not have a chance to answer it anew in the exercises.

Brad Miller

Dec 2, 2022, 7:30:39 AM12/2/22
Hi Bill,

You are using it correctly. However, it was a design choice that we made so that the answer to any question would be restored.  The questions that are part of the text are meant to be formative questions done as part of a reading.  I realize that they can also be included in an assignment but that was not really the intent.  The problems in the Exercises section are meant to be graded.

There are two exceptions to the above rule.
  1. If a question is included in a timed assignment (quiz) then we do not restore the answer.
  2. The practice feature does not restore any previous answers. And is meant to allow students to see questions several times until they achieve mastery of a particular topic.

I'm not sure where you are getting the slack link as I took that down a while ago when we moved to Discord.

To Alex's point,  In the future we could consider a review assignment that would not restore previous answers, but I think the practice feature already serves this purpose pretty well.


Bradley Miller, PhD
Professor Emeritus Computer Science
Luther College

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