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Alex Jordan

Apr 21, 2023, 7:20:12 PM4/21/23
I see an "adaptive" attribute on Parsons problem examples, but I couldn't find an explanation of what that means. Can anyone shed light on that?

Is there such a thing as an optional Parsons block? Consider each line as a block in a Parsons problem:

2(x + 3) + 4
= (2⋅x + 2⋅3) + 4
= (2x + 6) + 4
= 2x + (6 + 4)
= 2x + 10

In that example, I'd like to make the second item:
* present, for the sticklers among faculty users; it would be part of the official correct answer
* but optional; it's not worth marking a student wrong if they leave that out

Rob Beezer

Apr 22, 2023, 10:52:29 AM4/22/23
I think adaptive refers to giving hints, removing blocks, combining blocks, etc as more attempts are made. Look at sample book source, or XSL source for confirmation or fine points.

I don't think there are optional blocks like you suggest. Possibly when the directed acyclic graph support is implemented this might be possible as something like a loop or length two circuit or some other nearly degenerate specification within a larger problem.

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