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Sean Fitzpatrick

May 1, 2023, 12:38:08 PM5/1/23
to PreTeXt support
I decided to experiment with adding an existing Runestone book on my Runestone test server.

 I ran 'rsmanage build thinkcspy --clone'

but this just resulted in what appears to be the help page for rsmanage.

So I conclude that this method is perhaps no longer supported.
Since this book is now written in PreTeXt, I think the right approach is probably to first clone the book repository into the books folder, and then use the rsmanage build --ptx command?

When I tried doing it this way, I get quite a few PTX errors about exercises that lack a structure number, but the html build succeeds.
Course creation fails because the document id is httlacs and not thinkscpy, but if I rename the cloned folder from thinkcspy to httlacs and build httlacs, it seems to work OK.
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