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Rob Beezer

Jun 29, 2022, 7:08:00 PMJun 29
Brad M recently suggested another way to elect an interactive short-answer
question, so the Runestone problems have moved to that.

The "signal" is to put a "response" element after a "statement" and before any
solutions (hint, answer, solution). It may always be an empty element, but we
plan to use it to carry attributes that might affect the behavior of a text box.
Note this will only happen when your project is hosted on a Runestone server,
since it is pointless otherwise.

In some recent trials, reading questions were automatically short-answer. And
for about a couple weeks now there was another scheme in place, which is now
abandonded. Tom J will need to add about 120 "response" elements to AATA, and I
need to add about 108 to FCLA. Tedious, yes, but it will be a more flexible
scheme in the long-run.

Sean Fitzpatrick

Jul 20, 2022, 12:21:23 PMJul 20
to PreTeXt development
Question: is it possible to drop a response element into other Runestone question types?

An example I have in mind is a matching problem:

    Match each item on the left with the correct item on the right.
    Justify your answers.

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