Prairie District Neighborhood Watch

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Welcome to the Prairie District Neighborhood Watch!
An independent neighborhood group for the Prairie District
The Prairie District Neighborhood Watch is your group, designed to focus on your neighborhood. We are registered as the official Neighborhood Watch of the Chicago Police 1st District, Beat #132 (See CPD 1st District Page), operating in cooperation with the 2nd Ward Alderman's office. We also discuss other community issues, including infrastructure, development, traffic, or anything else of concern to residents.  The Alderman values our input and has consulted us on a number of issues over the years.
We strongly encourage you to attend CAPS meetings for Beat #131/132 (see our Event Calendar), but this group provides a means to provide input and take action in your neighborhood. Most importantly, when you see something suspicious:
  1. Call 911 to have the police investigate.
  2. Post a message to our discussion forum to let your neighbors know what you've seen.
Your neighbors' watchful eyes have stopped several crimes from occurring, right here where we live!
Join us, and take action!

We have run several neighborhood programs, including:
  • "Safe Walking" groups who will gather and walk in the neighborhood together. This will be a safer way to walk your dog or just enjoy the neighborhood, and will put a presence on the street that can help reduce crime.
  • "Carry a cell phone" campaign: We are raising awareness of the power of carrying a cell phone when on the street and not being afraid to dial 911.
  • Educational programs: At our request, the CAPS office has held special educational seminars at several CAPS meetings. We also hold some programs at our own meetings. Check out our Event Calendar for details, as they become available!
  • "Good Neighbor" program to eliminate "smash and grab" theft: When valuables are visible in a car, they invite theft. We can help others become aware of the risks by reporting these situations to the CAPS office. They will contact the owner of the vehicle and warn them.
Join your Watch Group to stay abreast of these programs, and give us your ideas for more!

To send an e-mail to our discussion forum, join the Google Group.
Then, post your message below or e-mail to:

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!