How to save my powerpoint with Powertalk

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Lesa Miller

Mar 31, 2015, 8:35:03 AM3/31/15
I downloaded Powertalk with the hopes to use the TTS with my power point presentation.  The problem is I need to save my presentation with the TTS voice and send it to my professor for viewing.  I tried going to add audio file in power point but it is asking for the file name to add the voice.  My question is doesn't Powertalk allow you to save the presentation with the voice and distribute the presentation to another person?  It seems like it is just for someone that will be standing in front of an audience and you have to click the down arrow to advance to each slide in order for it to read.  Thanks much

Steve Lee

Mar 31, 2015, 8:41:07 AM3/31/15

You are quite right in thinking that PowerTalk speaks the slide text
as you make the presentation. This allows you to control the timing of
both the visual and the spoken

PowerPoint lets you add sound files and also narration you record with
a microphone but there is no way to add the PowerTalk speech to the

You could give your professor a copy of PowerTalk or you might like to
record your presentation using recoding software like

I hope that helps

Steve Lee
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