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Sep 15, 2007, 7:12:01 PM9/15/07
to Power Tab Developers Support, Ideas!
Hey power tab developers!.. I was wondering, I love power tabs i use
it for all my music i like to play on my gutiar and for music i make
for my band but when i'm out on the road and i can't download power
tabs on the computer i'm using. I wanted to know if you guys make a
internet base program with a user interface where if ur out and about
on someone elses computer you could assets your files and view/play
by login in type thing. Well get back to me at slipkno...@aim.com
if u take this in consideration. Thanks! Richard

Bryan Levoska

Sep 16, 2007, 3:28:55 AM9/16/07
to powertab-...@googlegroups.com
My quick suggestion to this request is this: Powertab files are small anyways.The program itself is also a small file. You could easily zip up various collections of the powertabs you most enjoy or would like to work on and email them to yourself and store them indefinitely. Then, as long as you have a web connection, you have access to your tabs. I store many of my tabs in my email account just as a back-up. So hopefully that works. Other than that, I can only think of having a website with various space dedicated for storage. Or maybe you're thinking of having a server dedicated to store files for its users, who log-in to get access. But again, I don't know if that's necessarily powertab related. Just my initial thoughts...

I did have a suggestion for 2.0, and maybe this has already been considered. 1.7 doesn't play the note as you enter it into the program. IE - if you type in 3 (3rd fret) on the 6th string, the number goes in, and no sound is played (G). It seems many users are on the fence about this idea. Some support it; some don't. If it's easy enough to implement, I think it would be wonderful (as I'm in favor of having the sound played as I type it in), if 2.0 allowed users to choose whether or not they want the sound to play. It'd be like customizing your settings to a game or website. Once you make the selection, the program remembers that until you decide to change it again.

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