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Apr 14, 2007, 10:40:04 AM4/14/07
to Power Tab Developers Support,,
I got my fretlight guitar a week ago. I also downloaded a trial
version of Fretlight Mplayer and Improvisor.

I have a collection of midi files which I wanted to play/learn using
the Fretlight Mplayer. I found out that they do not work with these
software (with tweeking the midi file itself). I am planning to buy
licenses for these software only if it works with midi files.
Incidentally, the midi files that came with the trial versions are
built in with the software (not a separate file).

I have seen Danny X and FG working with this problems. If you receive
this email can you respond, please.

1. How do you get the Mplayer to send the output to the fretlight
guitar. What changes do I have to make in the midi file.

2. Since a solo lead in a midi file is recorded in a single track,
how do you separate it to the various channels (channels: 10, 11, 12,
13, 14, 15, 16)

Francesco Grassi

Apr 15, 2007, 1:41:41 PM4/15/07
Hi Vilore,
this is the way...

You have to download and buy Guitar Pro:

- create your own "Guitar Pro File" or open an existing one (it
imports as well PowerTab files)

- identify the track you are interested in (i.e. the track you want to
be played by your Fretlight)

- duplicate this track (you have now 2 identical tracks, the original
track will be used to play the MIDI notes with M-Player)

- select the second track (the copied one)

- click F6 button (or "Track -> Properties" from the toolbar)

- it will open the dialog I attached (see jpg)

- Important: name the track like this "FMP - " + "<whatyouwant>"

- check the flag "Force Channels 11 to 16"

- click OK

- export to MIDI

- that's it!

Play your MIDI exported file with M-Player and you will hear the sound
and see on your fretlight the notes lighted on in real time, terrific.

Hope this helps


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