Sybase Newsgroup Server is Moving to DNews on July 25th.

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Jul 22, 2003, 10:39:18 AM7/22/03
Sybase Newsgroup Server is Moving to DNews on July 25th.

When it comes to reliability, we're taking our newsgroups up a notch! To
provide our customers with reliable, 24 x 7 access to our
newsgroups, we are moving to a significantly more fault tolerant, reliable
and secure newsgroup setup that runs on a DNews Server on Linux Platform.

As part of the move, all newsgroups with a Powersoft domain will be branded
with a Sybase domain name. For example,
'powersoft.public.powerbuilder.general' will be branded as
'sybase.public.powerbuilder.general'. Existing messages will all be
available on the renamed newsgroups. Powersoft.* newsgroups will become Read
Only for one month, and then will be taken off-line.

Because the information is being moved to a new Newsgroup server with a new
name, it will be necessary for customers to "re-download" newsgroup headers
from the various newsgroups to which they are subscribed. In addition,
those who are subscribed to Powersoft.* newsgroups should unsubscribe to
Powersoft.* newsgroups and then subscribe to the corresponding Sybase.*

Two easy steps will ensure that you are seeing all correct headers:

Remove the '' account from your particular newsreader and
then add the '' account back. All headers will then be
marked as unread.
Resubscribe to your newsgroups and download headers into those newsgroups.

This change is expected to take place on Friday, July 25, so plan to do this
any time after that date. During the transition, Sybase Newsgroups will be
down for 12 hours starting July 25th 2 PM PST.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but are excited to be
providing you better access to the Sybase newsgroups. For more help on
newsgroup setup, go to:,6904,47611,00.html

Sybase is committed to our development community, and to the interaction
that is facilitated by the newsgroups. If you have any feedback regarding
newsgroup changes, please send us feedback by going to

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