Ashlee Vance, When the Heavens Went On Sale

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Keith Lofstrom

Aug 16, 2023, 9:39:32 PM8/16/23
to Power Satellite Economics
Subject for discussion by separate email, but NOT on the
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2023-release non-fiction book:

When the Heavens Went On Sale:
The Misfits and Geniuses Racing to Put Space within Reach

By Ashlee Vance, author of 2015 book "Elon Musk"

The hardback is 513 pages, with a good index but no citations.

Space-related pop-sci, not SSPS, book. Mostly people stories;
the pages about NASA Ames and Pete Worden's motley crew are
the most interesting to me, especially the LCROSS lunar probe.

Peter Beck and Rocket Lab in New Zealand are also interesting;
I have a friend in Dunedin.

I'd say the first half is an engaging and informative read
about accomplishers of mighty deeds; after page 249 the
book wanders into the weeds.

Around page 400, the book goes paranoid-weird, involving
Firefly Aerospace, Ukrainian "investor" Max Polyakov, and
financial crimes investigated by and dismissed
by author Vance.

My own notes here:

Your mileage may vary.

Again, lets continue this conversation off the public list,
especially discussions about how we should react to future
smooth-talking "investors" funded by crime. I do NOT want
to publicize the strategies some of us develop for that.

Keith L.

P.S. I made an unrelated presentation to the LCROSS team at
NASA Ames a few days before they announced their findings.
Perhaps I provided some comedy relief, they certainly had
SOMETHING distracting them.

Keith Lofstrom

Karen Mermel

Aug 16, 2023, 9:58:41 PM8/16/23
to, Power Satellite Economics
Sorry for asking

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