StaffsLUG is back, if anyone is interested? We'll be promoting PHS as well.

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Aug 28, 2019, 4:55:28 PM8/28/19
to Potteries Hackspace
Just a quick message to say a bunch of us recently reformed StaffsLUG ( see and the mailing list system is over at )... I know some PHS people used to be part of it and James has asked me about it in the past.

If you do join in (e.g. sub to a list or pop to a meeting) - please give me a quick message so that we get a feel for how many are involved from old LUG days v.s. people from PHS v.s. the very new people we've got coming too :)

Speaking of those new LUG people... they might not have heard of PHS either.  So in the room where we'll be doing our workshops we're gonna set up a little PHS "shrine" in the corner of a desk :P  Bought one of your mascots off eBay (see image below) to help that along, maybe some newer business cards with the new address would be good too.



Feb 4, 2020, 2:39:19 AM2/4/20
to Potteries Hackspace
Hey Folks,

This is a bit last minute, but I think some of you probably picked this up anyway (I also still feel bad about our workshop events being on Tuesdays, been talking to James about - hopefully can work out something soon).

StaffsLUG's next workshop will double as a CAcert event on the 11th February, usual location and times... see

It will either be... a) a huge fucking disaster by being too crowded, or b) short on people and a sign that CAcert hasn't got much steam left in it :)

Either way it'll be interesting, oddly I'm getting people e-mailing us about nearby B&B's and Hotels for travelling in :S

I know PHS members are != necessarily Linux/FreeSoftware/OpenSource lovers!  This event should have none of that, so it's a bit different - which is why I'm mentioning it here.

So if you're curious about a free certificate authority and the methods they use to crowdsource trust in peoples identify (their "Web of Trust") then pop along.

CAcert blog entry (ignore the picture of Keele Hall, it's in IC1 as usual)...

Our *early* blog entry for the event (shows how to make an account, etc...)...

Thanks :)
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