Why Isn't PostcardX Working?

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Strange Anachronism

Jun 25, 2008, 12:20:01 PM6/25/08
to postcardx
I have tried to change my address many times and whenever I type in a
word I know will help me to find myself on there ("strange") it gives
me an error.

WTF Is up with the site?!? I need to change my address because I moved
and I can't even do that because the page times out or gives me an
error. I mean, come on, the site is pretty simple, why doesn't it


Jul 2, 2008, 10:56:01 PM7/2/08
to postcardx
i KNOW! i wanted to chnge my profile- and i can't even search it!
what's going on? did you ever find out? i can't even search for my
old profile...

On Jun 25, 12:20 pm, Strange Anachronism <naomi.stra...@gmail.com>


Jul 3, 2008, 8:00:52 AM7/3/08
to postcardx
I really wish Jack would do SOMETHING about Px, either fix it or
remove it entirely. As it is, one can generate random addresses still,
but they may not be valid, seeing that profiles can no longer be found
or changed. It's too bad.
I have long since moved on to SendSomething.net - which works
wonderfully for me. I can only hope that others who think of "mail as
fun" will migrate there too, and not be negatively affected by the
unfortunate circumstances of the Postcardx website. What can I
say ?!?! It is what it is ...
See you "in the mail" -


Jul 3, 2008, 7:56:19 PM7/3/08
to postcardx
so 'Jack' is the name of the guy who is in charge of this site? who
knew.. i wish he'd fix it too! is send something really that good?
i'll try it...
ps- is there a way to get in touch with 'jack'?


Jul 4, 2008, 9:54:10 AM7/4/08
to postcardx
Lara, I sincerely suggest you go to SendSomething.net and place your
profile there.
Only hackers and very few sentimental users have shown any interest in
Px during the last year.
There are people who can contact Jack -- I'm not one of them--
apparently to no avail. Methinks when the website owner/creator no
longer shows interest, it's high time to move on.

See you st SendSomething - and in the mail.

And a Happy 4th of July Holiday to everyone!



Jul 4, 2008, 11:39:09 AM7/4/08
to postcardx
I sent Jack an email a few weeks ago letting him know that the site
was seriously broken, but, unlike previous times, he's not replied
back. The discussion below this one ("px search - Jack hasn't
replied") was me letting people know that I for one did try to reach
him, but haven't heard back.

I don't know Jack personally, but for whatever reason, I had Moderator
powers here on the google group, so I've taken it upon myself to try
to keep it as functional as possible (especially since it's really all
we have and only Jack has control over the domain.) That's why there's
never any spam on the group (I intercept it before it gets posted.)

Anyway...I know how sad and frustrating it is that px just is dead in
the water, but like Vianna said, it's probably best to join
sendsomething.net since that IS working and most of us from the px
domain have made accounts there to ensure we can keep sending snail

If I hear anything back from Jack, I'll post.


Jul 7, 2008, 1:34:00 AM7/7/08
to postcardx
Awesome guys- thanks so much! i was away for the 4th but i will
finish my account on sendsomething! look for me- and i'll look for
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