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Sep 30, 2011, 1:16:55 AM9/30/11

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For once a politician is listening to its people. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha responded to the protests against the Kudankulam nuclear project and asked the Central government to stop the work there.

The decision now lies with our Prime Minister. Thousands of people are protesting against a proposed nuclear plant in Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu. The plant uses risky Russian technology and the locals do not want it.

I have signed this petition showing my support for these protests More signatures will help put more pressure.

So read more about this issue below and sign the petition:


Click here to show your support for the people protesting in Idinthakarai

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha heard the voice of the people and asked the Prime Minister to stop the work at nuclear reactor site in Kudankulam.[1] Now it’s the Prime Minister’s turn to address the concerns of the people.[2]

People in Idinthakarai village have been protesting for months now. The Kudankulam nuclear reactors will use Russian technology which according to the official assessment prepared by Russia’s nuclear agencies is , to say the least, risky.[3] The report points out that the reactors might not be safe for a long if the cooling system fails.

Even after witnessing the nuclear disaster in Fukushima six months ago and the deadly explosion in a nuclear facility in France recently,[4] the government is still keen on using nuclear energy. An accident here will affect the entire country. The PM needs to know that the entire country support the demands being made by the people in Idinthakarai.

You should show your support for the people protesting in Idinthakarai.

Public pressure helped make CM Jayalalitha take a stand on this issue. Now we need to gather more support to get the PM to listen to the demands being made by the people.

The locals do not want these reactors, especially when there are viable renewable energy options available now. Countries like Germany and Italy have decided to move away from nuclear energy for the safety of their people.[5] India can do the same.

Support the people of Idinthakarai now!

Thanks a billion!

Photo of Karuna Raina
Karuna Raina
Nuclear Campaigner
Greenpeace India


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