Can You Download Netflix Shows On A Mac

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Netflix is an American global Internet streaming-on-demand media provider that has distributed a number of original streaming television shows, including original series, specials, miniseries, and documentaries and films. Netflix's original productions also include continuations of canceled series from other networks, as well as licensing or co-producing content from international broadcasters for exclusive broadcast in other territories, which is also branded in those regions as Netflix original content. Netflix previously produced content through Red Envelope Entertainment. The company has since increased its original content. All programming is in English unless stated otherwise, is organized by its primary genre or format, and is sorted by premiere date. These shows had their original production commissioned by Netflix, or had additional seasons commissioned by Netflix.

Can You Download Netflix Shows On A Mac

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As a critic for Digital Trends, a large part of my job is to watch countless TV shows every year. It's a big reason why friends and family ask me what new or classic shows to watch. Is that latest Netflix show worth a binge? Is it worth going back and watching that classic sitcom from the '90s?

With the holiday season now upon us, it's even more important to know what TV shows you should devote your time and dollars to and which ones you shouldn't. This year, Best Buy has some terrific Black Friday deals on new and classic TV shows like Friends and The Sopranos. The below Blu-ray sets have such low prices that it's impossible for anyone to ignore them for too long.

Thanksgiving weekend is here, and it's definitely a quiet weekend for original shows. But it's not as if there aren't a lot of big shows to catch up on from last week. Have you made it all the way through The Crown or Scott Pilgrim Takes Off on Netflix? Or have you checked out Apple TV+'s Godzilla-related series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters? Those are great options if you haven't.

Is Netflix your streaming Twin Flame? It might be this week, as we've added a pair of new series to our list of the best TV shows to watch on Netflix. First up is Escaping Twin Flames, the docuseries about the Twin Flames Universe matchmaking love cult run by a pair of awful people who did terrible things to people. Also new is Pluto, a Japanese science-fiction anime about a serial killer targeting specialized robots that will leave you thinking and, maybe, crying a little.

This list is weighted toward the best shows to watch on Netflix right now, which means recently released Netflix Originals take priority, though you'll find legacy Netflix shows further down the list. These are only the most relevant and worthwhile shows to watch on Netflix.

Netflix's unobstructed blitz on sports docuseries continues with this look at the most important position in all of sports: the pigskin-slingers of the NFL. As with the streamer's other jock shows, expect full access into the lives of its subjects: Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes, Minnesota Vikings hurler and minivan driver Kirk Cousins, and Atlanta Falcons scapegoat Marcus Mariota. It's great for NFL fans who want to relive the 2022 season... unless you're a fan of the teams that Mahomes steamrolled on his way to another MVP award and Super Bowl victory. -Tim Surette [Trailer]

Attack the Block's Joe Cornish created this fun British series about a world where ghosts run rampant, so society turns to the only people who can save them: teenagers! Specifically, teens with psychic powers. While most spook hunters work for companies staffed by adults (eww), Lockwood & Co. is a three-teen outfit that does the work without the pretense. It's a fun mix of British sci-fi, scary stories, and a killer goth music soundtrack, making it one of Netflix's best YA shows to date. -Tim Surette [Trailer]

Is it a high school drama? Is it a romantic comedy? Is it a murder mystery? Why not all of those at once? One of the rare algorithm-friendly shows that work, Ginny & Georgia returns for Season 2 a little less Gilmore Girls and a little more Mommie Dearest as Ginny (Antonia Gentry) becomes wiser to her mom Georgia's (Brianne Howey) potentially murderous past ways. But the playful romantic issues and teen drama are still there, the strong performances from Gentry and Howey elevate the material, and the closing walls add a bit of urgency to everything. It's not Netflix's best show, but it's the best of its ilk. -Tim Surette [Trailer]

This dark comedy is one of Netflix's best-written shows, and its snappy dialogue sounds like music when delivered by the talented duo of Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, who have both been nominated for Emmys for their performances. Applegate plays Jen, a woman grieving the death of her husband in a hit-and-run, and Cardellini plays Judy, who unbeknownst to Jen is responsible for her husband's death. They become friends in a grief support group, and the twists and secrets just keep piling up from there. It's wickedly funny and always surprising. Its recently released third season is its last. -Liam Mathews [Trailer]

The acclaimed dramatization of the life of Queen Elizabeth II is now in its second-to-last season, set in the 1990s as Prince Charles (Dominic West) and Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) divorce. Season 5 finds Imelda Staunton taking over the role of Her Majesty from Olivia Colman. It's not as good as the fourth season, which dominated the Emmys in 2021, but it's still one of Netflix's best shows, and the only one left that's a viable contender for the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy. -Liam Mathews [Trailer Review]

When I say this blockbuster fantasy series is long-awaited, I mean it. An adaptation of Neil Gaiman's beloved comic series has been in development on and off since 1996. And it's honestly a good thing that it didn't get made into a movie back then, because TV is a much better format for a story this sprawling. It follows Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams (Tom Sturridge), as he breaks free from a century of human captivity and sets out to restore himself as the ruler of dreamworld. It's a fantasy-superhero epic that features Game of Thrones' Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar, who is technically the same character as Tom Ellis' Lucifer Morningstar from Lucifer (the shows share source material), just a drastically different interpretation. -Liam Mathews [Trailer]

Do you like it your TV to feel like one long Hallmark movie? If that's the case, you should know that few other shows are currently doing that better than Virgin River. In this adaptation of the novels by Robyn Carr, Alexandra Breckenridge stars as Mel, a nurse practitioner from Los Angeles who, after having her heart broken one too many times, starts a new life in a remote Northern California town. As these things go, she quickly meets Jack (Martin Henderson), a bartender who makes her want to love again. This show really has everything: long lost twin brothers, bombshell pregnancies where it's a mystery who the father is, and main characters getting shot by mysterious gunmen. -Allison Picurro [Trailer]

You like The West Wing? Then you'll like this Danish political thriller, which is considered to be one of the first international shows at the level of the best dramas of Peak TV. It follows the unlikely rise of centrist politician Birgitte Nyborg Christensen (Sidse Babett Knudsen) to prime minister of Denmark. The new fourth season, a Netflix original, comes out nine years after Season 3 and focuses on a geopolitical crisis in Greenland. It's more fun than it sounds. -Allison Picurro [Trailer]

The very popular CW high school sports drama, which was inspired by former NFL player Spencer Paysinger's life, follows Spencer James (Daniel Ezra), an aspiring football star balancing ambition and everyday teenage drama as he moves from his neighborhood to become MVP at a new school in Beverly Hills. Its fourth season hit Netflix in May. -Allison Picurro [Trailer More shows like All American]

Netflix has a large catalog of food shows, but none quite like High on the Hog. Hosted by Stephen Satterfield, the four-part docuseries is about Satterfield's journey to learn about the storied history of African American cuisine. He learns about the contributions Black people have made to food, and how much of an influence food from the past has on the food we eat now, including the origins of okra, dishes created by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington's enslaved chefs, and how mac and cheese came to be. The show is infectiously joyful, and has a lovely "discover your roots" spirit. Fair warning, though: You're going to be starving after each episode. -Allison Picurro [Trailer]

Not all zombie shows are built the same, and this spiritual spin-off of the goofy Z Nation focuses on the gritty life-or-death situation of a small group of people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. It's intentionally minimal on plot (and at times dialogue), letting the action -- frequently told in long takes with no cuts and some athletic cameramen -- tell the story. For my money, it's the best zombie show on TV. -Tim Surette [Trailer]

Currently, you can only use select partners to play shows and movies on Nest displays or TVs using speakers or displays. However, you can play YouTube videos on TVs using Google Nest or Home speakers or displays.

One of the best TV shows of 2021 was an animated series. That's right -- if you're animation-unfriendly, Arcane is the show to change your mind. The action-adventure introduces us to the steampunk world of Piltover and Zaun, two cities grinding on opposing values and fortunes. Then there's Violet (Hailee Steinfeld) and Jinx (Ella Purnell), two sisters torn apart by tragedy and fighting to survive. Arcane is the kind of moving portrait that gets under your skin on a par with Pixar. The characters will draw you to tears. A must-watch.



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