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Dec 23, 2023, 8:27:48 AM12/23/23
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Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction is the new game that introduces the new alien heroes: Water Hazard, Armodrillo, Ampfibian, Terraspin, and NRG from the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien television series, allowing players to tunnel or beat through evil alien enemies, unleash water blasts, emit radiation beams, shoot electricity bolts and fire, wind attacks, and more, with a unique experience system which lets them upgrade alien attributes and abilities. The game also provides all-new game enhancements such as Quick Switch, which allows players to switch alien forms faster than ever, and Quick Time Events which creates a cinematic experience that guides players through fierce boss battles and challenging puzzle elements. Players will control Ben and up to 16 alien heroes including Ultimate Big Chill, Ultimate Spidermonkey, Ultimate Echo Echo, Ultimate Swampfire, Ultimate Humungousaur, Four Arms (PS3) and Rath (Xbox 360).

ben 10 ultimate alien cosmic destruction psp download

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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction introduces the new alien heroes and challenging puzzle elements. Players control Ben and up to 16 alien heroes including Ultimate Big Chill, Ultimate Spidermonkey, Ultimate Echo Echo, Ultimate Swampfire, Ultimate Humungousaur, Four Arms (PS3) and Rath (Xbox 360).

The game involves Ben traveling to iconic real-world locations in search of the parts to an ancient Galvan artifact called the Potis Altiare to save the Earth from total destruction by an evil To'kustar.

This stage starts off with a cutscene with Gwen and Kevin fighting the Forever Knights and Ben is having trouble getting the Omnitrix to work due to Jimmy trying to contact Ben to help him out in any way that he can. After the cutscene you'll be given a screen with three Recommended Aliens that you'll need the use of for the stage along with a fourth optional alien. The three recommended aliens are Terraspin, Echo Echo and Humongousaur. The other can be any other alien of your choosing but we can leave it at the choice of Swampfire. Also at this screen you can go about upgrading each alien if you have enough DNA points to do so but you can also do this during each stage in case you don't wish to wait to the end of each stage to upgrade the aliens in the Specials or Attributes [listed in latter section for easier find].

At the start of the stage there'll be some objects that you can destroy to your right to earn some points that will help upgrade each of the aliens as you progress throughout the game. Also destroying some of these will restore your health and to help recharge the Omnitrix to perform combos for each of the aliens you can morph into. Head back towards where you came in then to your right heading to the next area. You can destroy the vase on your way for the DNA points. Once there where you came in from the area will cave in preventing you from trying to go out where you came in so scratch trying to head that way out. Here there should be a device that you'll need to lower the lever and some breakable objects for more DNA points. Pull the lever so the gate will drop but the only problem is you'll going to deal with some Pickaxe Minions here. They aren't too tough to deal with and should pose too much of a threat against you.

There'll only be six of them to deal with and as I said they shouldn't be that much of a hassle to deal with and once that you have taken them down the other gate will lower as you can now have access to getting through to the next area. Make your way through the area and around the corner then double jump the stair like area to the top. The first one is easy to double jump using Ben but the next one not so much as you'll need one of Ben's alien forms to get over the second step. You can either use Swampfire or Terraspin to get up to the top into the next room that you need to get to. When up there there'll be some more breakables that you can destroy to get some DNA points and health regenerate to get your health back up there if you need it. Head into the creepy room where with ghosts flying around and once again some breakables to destroy in the area but watch out for the Pickaxe Minions in this area once again. There will be a total of ten of them to deal with in the area. After dealing with them head to the where you have to jump between two pillars and once again either Swampfire or Terraspin. As soon as you get up there head around the corner but watch out for the crack in the floor with lava. Swampfire or Terraspin to help get over this area though either is preferable to get past this little section. Once through head around the corner and now it seems as though you have reached a dead end but don't worry that there's a way through it. Use Humongousaur to break past the wall to get into the room on the other side. Now on the other side of the room you'll run into one of our favorite alien bad guys Vulkanus.

Once the gate is down head into the corridor and a little ways you'll come across more Pickaxe Minions to deal with at around half a dozen give or take. Continue down the corridor until you come to a room where you'll see a gate and something you can move using Humongousaur but only problem is that the gate is up and looks as if there's no way to move it to where you need to. Where there's a will there's a way. Look to the right and there should be another ventilation shaft that you can head through via Echo Echo to get to the other side of the gate so that way you can lower it. Lower the gate via the switch and head past the gate and then transform into Humongousaur to move the stone into the hole in the wall. After inserting the stone structure into the hole where you inserted it will move down allowing you to enter the corridor. There's going to be more Pickaxe Minions to deal with in this room at around a dozen give or take. Dispose of them before you deal with the lever in the room to lower the gate in this room. Once you have pulled the lever down, and the next area the best one to use in this spot is going to be Terraspin with being able to fly/float to the next spot while not have to worry about landing on the spikes. As the roof opens you'll see a hidden pillar that you can get on which is a good thing. The wall to your left should be weak and use Humongousaur to break it to get more DNA points to use towards upgrading your aliens. When that is taken cared of head over the spikes using Terraspin and once across there should be what looks to be a Omnitrix symbol to be able to save your progress thus far in the level if you wish. The wall near the save point should be a weak wall that is breakable by Humongousaur. Head through the corridor and deal with a few Pickaxe Minions then by the time you reach the end where there's a gate there's going to be a few more of them to deal with. Upon defeating them the gate will lower and now comes a challenge of the level and maybe one of the hardest of this stage.

As you prepare to fight Vulkanus watch out for the Pickaxe Minions as they'll try to distract you from Vulkanus. For this fight I recommend using a strong alien such as Humongousaur or use NRG. If using NRG one of the best attacks to try using against the Pickaxe Minions and even on Vulkanus is what I'd like to call Nuclear Blast. Although if you're using Humongousaur punch your way past the Minions and get some hits in on Vulkanus but watch out for the gun he uses.

There'll only be four of them to deal with before the gate at the end of the corridor is lowered. Now we get into another room with another puzzle to work with and there should be a vent again big enough for Echo Echo to make his way through it. When you reach a room once again another lever to pull down which will lower the gate but there'll be a stone structure you'll need to move using Humongousaur. Move the structure onto the lift. Once the structure is on the lift the cage like that was around the crank station in the room will be lifted up. Head back up by it transform into Humongousaur again if you had to transform back into Ben to get back up there to turn the crank help bring the stone structure up. As you crank it up it don't go up all the way just far enough to where you have to transform into another alien to get across and Terraspin is the turtle for the job. Head over there with the floating maneuver and after you land transform back into Humongousaur to finish the job you started on the other side but without having to deal with another type of enemy.

Do a double jump to each platform and onto the last one. Once across you want to transform into NRG to be safe from being affected by any of the radiation that leads into the hallway that you want to get into. When you are in there watch out for the boards that you walk on due to them being on the weak side and not being able to hold significant amount of weight. Head around the corner but to your surprise there'll be more of those boards that are weak so the question is how to get across them without having to fall through and to your doom. You may want to transform into a lighter alien like Swampfire or Water Hazard to get across but try not to stay on them for long and try doing jumping from one to the other to help out in any way. When you make it across there'll be one more to worry about and there'll be another save point after making it past the last one. With a stairway around the corner heading down transform into NRG to protect yourself from any of the radiation that's on the floor of the room. At the bottom there's no door but there is a break in the wall showing that you can bust your way through the wall and since you really can't transform into any other alien you can break through the wall by punching your way through it. Entering in the art room and you'll come across by none other than the Vreedle Brothers.

After trying to get the Vreedle Brothers not to take what is in the room you'll have no choice but to fight the two of them and it can be a little tricky facing two opponents at once. One of the best aliens to use in this battle is Four Arms. If you don't have him amongst the aliens you can bring up the omnitrix selection and replace one of them with Four Arms. When the battle starts Rhomboid Vreedle will be the first to try to attack while Octagon will stay in the background as you fight Rhomboid. Best thing you can do is keep throwing punches at Rhomboid and at around halfway to three quarters of their health drained Rhomboid will be down for the count leaving Octagon alone in the battle. Just like with Rhomboid you want to use the same strategy on Octagon but it shouldn't be much to fighting Octagon as opposed to fighting Rhomboid as it shouldn't be too hard to bring the other Vreedle Brother down for the count. After beating both Octagon and Rhomboid Vreedle, Saunder will make an appearance to take what the Vreedle Brothers was there to steal in the first place.

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