[isl] Alternative to the `to_str()` method

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Riccardo Mori

Jun 11, 2021, 7:10:30 AMJun 11
to Polly Development
Hi everyone,
The official isl C++ interface doesn't export the method `to_str()` but instead has a `operator<<` so the only way to retrieve the string would be to define a function like this for each isl class:
std::string to_string(isl::aff &obj)
    std::ostringstream os;
    os << obj;
    return os.str();

Unfortunately by doing this we incurr in a unnecessary copy while storing the string in the ostringstream buffer.
In C++20 they added a way to avoid this overhead (https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/io/basic_ostringstream/str) by doing this:
return move(os).str();
Unfortunatelly the adoption of C++20 for llvm seems to be far away in the future, so we can either accept the overhead or stick with our own exported `to_str()` method and maybe trying to get it upstreamed.
I personally think that having a `to_str()` method would be handy, does anybody has a suggestion on how we should approach this difference?


Michael Kruse

Jun 11, 2021, 11:41:11 AMJun 11
to Riccardo Mori, Polly Development
Printing to string should not be in any hot code path, it is mostly used for debug output and exporting to a JSON file, we don't really need to optimize it. I think the higher priority would be to move-semantics for isl objects where we currently impose more cow-copies than necessary and used everywhere.

There are alternatives to to_str(). E.g.:
1. dump() / polly::dumpPw()
2. Use the C API to_str directly for glue code (such as to_string).  
4. isl_printer_print_* (not exposed by the C++ interface I think)  
5. ISLIOStream.h (well, it calls the to_str() method, but could be made to use the C interface instead)
6. stringFromIslObj (GICHelper.h, which AFAICS is exactly what you proposed)

Using the C interface for glue coe is fine, just for the main Polly logic it's nicer to not having to think (too much) about memory management.


Tardyzentrismus verboten!

Riccardo Mori

Jun 11, 2021, 1:34:56 PMJun 11
to Polly Development
Alright, In ISLIOStream.h I think we can rely on the official C++ interface by using the exported `operator<<`.
For all the rest I will overload stringFromIslObj (GICHelper.h) so that it will work with C++ objects like this: `std::string stringFromIslObj(isl::aff)` and internally will call the C interface.

Thank you,
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