You Support Making Tax Payers 1st Nations Slaves, Give Back Your Diamond Jubilee Medal

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David Jeffrey Spetch

Jan 21, 2013, 3:43:57 PM1/21/13

You Support Making Tax Payers 1st Nations Slaves, Give Back Your Diamond Jubilee Medal

 Also yesterday on Twitter I responded too comments on the Prime Ministers page, the title of this composition (which pretty much speaks for itself) was directed at one of the First nations Activists for coming on to the Prime Minister on this issue.

 Another activist then started including the Prime Minister in tweets directed towards me and claimed that the Canada Government was in trust of First Nations 2 trillion dollars which was also claimed to have billions owed in interest. This person claimed that they shared facts so when I asked where did the two trillion come from they demonstrated cowardice from answering because they are quite obviously delusional!

 I went to log back into Twitter today and found my account shut down. I now pull for a Boycott on Twitter, a bias site manged by incompetent imbeciles.

 More on the very foundation of this First Nations / Tax payers subject (as previously released earlier this month). You have got to be willing to dig deeper than anyone / everyone to come up with the info I share, 


1) One of Canada's Elected Officials Is Fired Up Over My Articles On Land Claims (Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2013 The article at the bottom of the composition that began it all) Other dates are included within the composition and along with having sent a copy of this to all Canadian Feds and Provincials / Territorials (MPP's, MLA's, MP's, Ministers, Prime Minister, Premiers, Senate, Supreme Court etc. (over a thousand Canadian officials) all members of The UK Parliament MP's and House of Lords (over a thousand officials) from my 2012 updated mailing list got it as well the same week!

2) Protests, Blockades and Desecration / Send The First Nations The Bill! (Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013) 

(The article that started all of this you will find at the bottom of this composition) Without any further delay, get ready to feast your eyes:

1) One of Canada's Elected Officials Is Fired Up Over My Articles On Land Claims

(Out of respect for this individual, I have messaged them explaining that I will not include their name in what I am about to share with the public. If this person writes me back telling me that it is ok with them, I will come back and gladly edit their name in) This is what the elected official just sent:

Subject: Re: Does Chief Theresa Spence Pay Taxes Like Canadian Citizens Or Live Free Of Taxes On A Reserve?
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 08:41:12 +0000 

The greatest injustice to any indigenous nations was done in Canada. Treaties were signed to give the settlers and the Dominion of Canada access the land and resources. In return the indigenous nations agreed not to molest the settlers. The indigenous nations kept their word. The Crown didn't. It wasn't the indigenous nations who wanted treaties. The dominion of Canada came looking for the indigenous nations to sign treaties. The nations reluctantly agreed to sign. This injustice must be corrected. Otherwise there will always be turmoil and conflict between the First Peoples of this land and the successive governments of Canada. Canada will not a whole country unless justice is done. 

Democracy freedom in this country came about because of the First Peoples generosity and cooperation. Many aboriginal people shed their blood on the battle fields fighting for Canada, to preserve the integrity of democracy and freedom. My dad, for example, shed his blood in France. My son just recently represented Canada in lands far away. The contribution to preserve the integrity of democracy by aboriginal soldiers was paid in blood, along side their comrades who represented many diverse cultures of Canada. There was brotherhood and honor amongst the soldiers regardless of their background. If veterans ran this country there would be justice. 

The good news is there are more aboriginal people becoming lawyers, doctors, surgeons, managers, land developers, architects, engineers, teachers, professors, professional athletes, etc. And they all pay taxes, including property and income tax. They live in cities and townships throughout this great land. They are also part of governments and corporations that help build our national, regional, and local economies that strengthen the social fabric of Canada.

Just something to think about. 


My response to this elected official:

Subject: RE: Does Chief Theresa Spence Pay Taxes Like Canadian Citizens Or Live Free Of Taxes On A Reserve?
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 05:28:08 -0500 


Thank you for taking the time to construct a decent response to what I just shared.


 1 / 6 Nations also invaded the land from the natural inhabitants in the first place. When settlers arrived, there was about enough 1 / 6 Nations people across North America to moderately populate Cuba. Just because You land on a continent then years later someone else wants to settle, claiming that someone stole your land is not only greedy, but quite the weak excuse when there is plenty of land that they did not even occupy more than a small fraction of in the first place.


 Since then Canada, as well other countries of America have become globally recognized as countries. With our technological advances, there is no going back now unless something catastrophic were to happen to the planet itself.


 The crown responded in accordance to the 1 / 6 nations not wanting anything to do with being governed with a solution hence the land claims. I do not think that Canada was it's own dominion at the time because the Monarchy still held our reigns did they not?!


 What really makes me angry about how the 1 / 6 Nations were treated, was what the religious did to them by stealing their children but that's another story!


 Democracy as well freedom was won, but most foundational was for the preservation of not only new settlers, but for the 1 / 6 nations themselves and not only their blood was spilt for Our freedom from the U.S.A.! As a matter of recalling, it was the British army who showed up that finally drove the U.S.A. into submission!


 Indigenous, Canada is my historical land. Everyone here in Canada can be traced back to before Canada was occupied by humans to other parts of the globe! The injustice is that they chose to become a state sort of speak (live on their reserves chiefing themselves) instead of choosing to co operate with a tax based governing system. Now for that choice they have in many ways fallen behind the times and suffer for it. Now they just expect tax payers to flip the bill when they chose land to chief themselves and still expect land claims to be valid? You can't deny that they throw land claims treaties in the public's face quite often. You can't deny that despite some live in Canadian cities and even pay taxes (From my understanding they do not pay full taxes yet) and are making careers and working as a contributing member of society, that there are still those on the reserves not paying taxes yet they expect tax payers to flip their bill for governing services. Enough is enough. 


 If you have anything else that you would like to share **********, I would love to hear/ read it.


[one other thing, because I think we may very well be on the path to understanding one another, I think that the general public can benefit with understanding to the information you and I have shared with one another through interaction. I am however not going to include your name in any of what I share out of respect for you, unless you share with me that you are ok with it and perhaps even proud to demonstrate your stance. Then I will gladly edit your name (give you credit for your work) into what I share otherwise you will remain anonymous.]




David Jeffrey Spetch

Ps. Be good, be strong!



(Part 2 Already) One of Canada's Elected Officials Is Fired Up Over My Articles On Land Claims etc.



(Again out of respect for this individual, I will not include their name in what I am about to share with the public.) This is what the elected official just sent:



Subject: Re: Does Chief Theresa Spence Pay Taxes Like Canadian Citizens Or Live Free Of Taxes On A Reserve?
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 17:28:22 +0000

 You make some very interesting points. I fully realize there is much work to be done to educate all Canadians about Canada's history. We can't deny our history involves Treaty First Nations. The First Nation community I am a member of is Opaskwayak Cree Nation, formerly known as The Pas Band. In this community we have an economy. We own a large shopping mall that we paid for from selling aggregate to a local lumber and paper mill. We have a large Gas Station that sells over 11 million litres annually, we own a 4 star hotel that is fully paid, we own a Jr A Hockey club, we also own a cement + gravel company, in addition we recentlty built a state of the art medical center from our own source revenue, we're just completing a 900 seat community hall using funds from our own source revenue. We also a 10,000 sg ft grocery store and a large retail outlet that sells sports equipment and clothing. And we are partners in a regional casino which we paid for, We employ over 700 people. All home owners pay a service fee for water works, public works, garbage collection, and recreation. Some call it taxes the people prefer to call it service fees. We're the second largest employer in the region. We do approximately 28 million dollars of economic trade in the immediate area. Essentially we keep the regional economy functioning. I thought I would mention this because this community strives to reach our goal, Progress and Independence. We don't have oil or resource based industries other than aggregate. But we are experts in the retail, hospitality and service industries. We're not there yet, but I know I'll this goal reached in my lifetime. 

 There are First Nation Communities like Opaskwayak that do not depend on government for sustenance. To name a few they are, West Bank First Nation, Whitecap Dakota Nation, Buffalo Point, squamish, Georgina Island, and many more. These communities keep local and regional economies functioning.

 As far as federal government funding is concerned. Jim Prentice, formerly the Minister of INAC and I had a discussion several years ago about funding. What he wanted to see was the funding should go directly, from Ottawa, to a First Nation. Same as what Canada does for Provincial Governments. he suggested the First Nations decide for them selves how those funds should be allocated. There would be some rules of course. Jim Prentice is forward thinking man. 

Lots to learn about each other.






My response to this elected official:



Subject: RE: Does Chief Theresa Spence Pay Taxes Like Canadian Citizens Or Live Free Of Taxes On A Reserve?
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2013 06:12:12 -0500






 You sound resourceful and proud of what Opaskwayak Cree Nation has built and accomplished in the modern world and I admit it made me smile but I have to ask, Opaskwayak Cree Nation did all of that without any Canadian Federal or Provincial funding or assistance? These service fees you speak of are paid to council of Opaskwayak Cree Nation which in turn uses that money for infrastructure etc.? Sounds allot like a tax base system only you are calling it a service fee instead of a tax.


 The money goes from Ottawa back to the other Provinces because those people who are tax paying citizens living in those provinces pay Ottawa the very taxes that the Provinces get back from Ottawa to begin with. Why did Jim Prentice think that the money should go straight from Ottawa to the First Nations when the First Nations are not handing over taxes to Ottawa to begin with? Same with the Six nations?


 Point being First and Six Nations are not co operating with the Canadian tax based governing system by contributing taxes like everyone else. There are no taxes going from reserves / from the First or Six Nations to the Canadian Federal Government.


 Why is it so hard for the people of 1st and Six Nations to accept how a tax based governing system works when the First and Six Nations do not contribute taxes to Ottawa yet attempt to demand money from Ottawa because First and Six nations people are suffering without the obviously more successful, than the First and Six nations, Canadian tax based governing system? If the Canadian governing system were not as successful as the First and Six Nations, then the First and Six Nations would not have to keep trying to demand money from the Canadian Government. It must reveal by now to the First and Six Nations that the Canadian tax based governing system is not so bad, it is working for those who pay taxes and can't be that bad if the First and Six Nations keep attempting to demand tax dollars because the First and Six Nations are obviously suffering for not choosing to become a part of Canada's tax based governing democracy in the first place and all these years later still to this day. First and Six Nations must realize that choosing land claims instead of Canadian governing, is not as successful as the Canadian government quite obviously proves to be!


 I would absolutely love too see us all live as equal tax paying citizens with equal opportunity to make something of ourselves as individuals and as a country together. It would be nice to see the First and Six Nations admit and act upon the potential we have to become strong as a Country together. It would be nice to see MP's, MLA's, MPP's rise from what are for now called land claims or reserves as Canadian tax paying /   communities where everyone pays taxes like all other citizens of Canada and again reap the rewards of participating in the tax based governing system thus helping us all progress together as a Country with everyone on the inside. Think of the Impact with people, living for now on what are for now reserves, having the power to vote for their elected official to participate in the Canadian democratic process. The sooner the First and Six Nations acts in this positive direction, the sooner we can work together to shape out tax based governing democracy.


 I can't blame you for having a dream, but do you really expect to accomplish what you claim for now that you want to accomplish for the Opaskwayak Cree Nation when I passionately move forward to accomplish what I share with you for all First and Six nations people as well all Canadians?!


 I enjoy these interactions very much, it is of course for the well being of the future of all involved.




David Jeffrey Spetch

Ps. Be good, be strong!

And finally here is the initial article which sparked interest from the elected Canadian Official:


Does Chief Theresa Spence Pay Taxes Like Canadian Citizens Or Live Free Of Taxes On A Reserve?


 Again how can this be made any more clear.


 Upon completion of the war from 1812 - 1814 the First and Six Nations wanted nothing to do with government, they wanted land to chief themselves. 


 We all know and have seen on the news all of this protesting about honouring land claims so why are they trying to get away with us to accept their land claims like Canadian tax payers are a bunch of imbeciles while they seek to have the Canadian government fund them at tax payers expense?


 The reason that they wanted Land to chief themselves hence the treaties, was because they wanted nothing to do with governing. So now all of these generations later they expect Canadian governing services at tax payers expense while expecting land claims to remain valid?! If they want assistance from the Canadian tax based governing system that's fine but first give up your land claims and start paying taxes like every other Canadian citizen and lets grow strong together as a country!


 Enough of these selfish / greedy schemes to soak tax payers! Enough!




David Jeffrey Spetch

Ps. be good, be strong!

2) Protests, Blockades and Desecration / Send The First Nations The Bill!

 Since first Nations are not paying taxes to support the police (among every other governing service or assistance) yet their actions warrant attention of the police to waste their time lolly gagging around these protests tally and send the bill to the First Nations and see how fast First Nations come up with the money ...

 These protests are not being held on First Nations land claims where apparently Canadian Police forces have no jurisdiction,  they are being held on Canada's Tax payers land!

 If Canadian tax payers went on First Nations reserves and started trashing the First Nations land and blockading them from maintaining their upkeep, I have no doubt that the First Nations would be seeking restitution from the Canadian Government.

 As far as the Canadian Police go (Federal or Provincial)

 Tax payers are paying police to do their job yet police are veering away from doing their job when it comes to these Idle No More protests, blockades and desecration of Sir. John A monument in Kingston etc.

 So what exactly are tax payers paying the police for, to sit around and eat doughnuts yet again?

 Solutions could include pay cuts to uncooperative police forces or fire them and recruit police that at least have the capacity to understand what they are being paid for.


David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
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