Dalai Lama Deceives To Divide / Destroy Canada

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David Jeffrey Spetch

May 6, 2012, 10:00:07 AM5/6/12
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Dalai Lama Deceives To Divide / Destroy Canada

Here we have this Dalai Lama who seeks to divide Canada to support his own agenda in Tibet by coming to Canada and claiming that Canada is a democratic country so if the majority of people in Quebec want to separate then it should be allowed so he can turn around and use Canada's crumbling away to his attempts of dictation as an example to get global support to leave Tibet separation up to Tibet! His exact words copied from a recent article from The Canadian Press:

"You know, Canada it’s a democratic country so if the majority of Quebec people decide to say yes for the independence,’ he’s sure — he said, ‘I’m sure Canada it’s going to be accepted."

Well I got news for this Dalai Lama, Quebec is a part of Canada and as a part of Canada, it is up to Canadians to decide if we want to divide our country because it is Canada's integrity that is quite obviously at stake no matter that this Dalai Lama's brain is obviously way too small to understand something so simple all by himself! This Dalai Lama tries to deceive Canadians to think that it is entirely up to those who live in Quebec to destroy Canada which clearly indicates that he thinks us Canadians are that stupid to fall for his deceitful attempt of dictation!

How is this offensive imbecile an honorary citizen, and why is the Prime Minister welcoming and giving this guy who is obviously out to divide / destroy Canada the time of day?!

As a Canadian citizen I am greatly offended by this disgraceful example of a so called honorary citizen of Canada and would be even more so offended if this individual be allowed to keep his so called honorary status!

United we stand, divided we fall. Read it, learn it, understand it!

It is up to Canadians to keep Canada strong and as a Canadian citizen I most certainly have been doing my part over the years, and many occasions to save Canada from being divided through the threatening loss of Quebec separating time and time again!

You want sovereignty for Tibet, then first realize the fact that it is quite clearly religion that is the source of this conflict not the destruction of other countries such as in this instance Canada! The lies and deceits I see people come up with to support their own selfish delusions these days is baffling and seriously offensive!

Yeah that's all we need, another delusional / deceitful offensive dimwit attempting to dictate to Canada our actions and not only that, but try to also pass off that we are going to support this rhetoric like Canadians are nothing more than brainless imbeciles to allow one province or territory in this democracy make a decision for the entire country because after all we are a democratic "country"!!!

I am sure glad I see right through such rubbish thus I with great self respect share this composition with all of you.

David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
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