Revenue Explosion Canada / Lets build the first Roller Coaster Stadium(s)

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David Jeffrey Spetch

Sep 12, 2011, 5:19:16 PM9/12/11

Revenue Explosion Canada / Lets build the first Roller Coaster Stadium(s)

Before the game, half time, after the game get ready to ride the coaster / watch people from the bleachers as they scream along the track. I would opt to make it a quiet yet sizable track because a wooden track for example would be too thunderously loud surrounding and throughout the stadium / bleachers in my opinion. Talk about an attraction. a serious hard core revenue generator and likely to spark a whole lot of new interest towards foot ball ;) Just make sure it is safe. Perhaps even make a Football theme park attraction with perhaps a few rides in front of the main entrance would be a nice touch out of it for off days / off season when games are not being played and perhaps even a rotational band shell for inside the park stadium during games, and towards the theme park during off days / season. Allow a couple of decent permanent restaurants to be established. It would generate revenue alright and could put the CFL popularity through the roof. Don't do the Coaster Stadium Theme Park cheesy, do it with style and consider making the stadium with a few more seats than anticipated is the only other thing I request for the construction of it.

Designing a safe yet thrilling quiet ride around a stadium for a few good screams especially for entertainment at half time would definitely be an exciting / safe alternative to showboating aircraft over residential areas..

... and of course, "The Cat Coaster" (Ti Cats in Hamilton for example) ceases operating during the game lol ;)

All would rock and people would be pumped / happy and visiting the Theme park perhaps all year round.. What better place to sign autographs and promote CFL on site. Investors would likely leap thousands of feet in a single bound to get in on this. Sure it would cost millions, but especially in the long run would quite obviously be worth it / pay itself off easily.

Having written the article titled "Hamilton Ontario Risks it's Citizens Lives Over Entertainment" yesterday (today is Sept. 07 2011), I put my mind to the test to help even more so encourage an alternative opposing air craft show boating over residential areas was the very best I could come up with as well help the CFL spark interest and if it turns out to be the wave of the future then everyone involved benefits. A few minutes of my time could revolutionize the whole football franchise and make the environment we live safer for everyone. It is worth it for me to take the time to shoot this out there.

Something like this would definitely spark interest for even me to check it out (honestly, always loved to play sports but never got into following professional sports myself as I am more so inclined to focus the majority of my time on fundamental Canadian / global issues to resolve problems for us all over the world where as others may focus more of their time into their passion of sports) from there, it is up to the CFL to work their magic. Sure I could throw a little more of my magic your way CFL, it is for a good cause. Just describe what it is you are looking for and if I don't have an answer in the crack of a whip, in my off time I'll see what I can come up with and get back to you.

Of course the parking lot would be fullest during games but even a nice carnival joining the theme park every now and then and even throw concerts during off time would bring even more people to the theme park to potentially spark new fan base interest in football. How do you spark new fan base in football / you offer promotions of safer environment for everyone and pleasures that appeal to general non sports fans to spark that interest in football duh. Piece of cake and my pleasure CFL / Canada. If this Original / creative multi beneficial package does interest you, make me a fair offer CFL / cut me in, I'm not greedy. I think that the Canadian Government will even want in / benefit on this one for you all to ponder as you all get this info and yes I obviously will again include the CFL my mailing list for this one. People from all over the world will come ;) Oh and a nice on site hotel would be convenient / optional.

David Jeffrey Spetch

Ps. Be good, be strong!

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