Donald Trump Disrespecting Heterosexuality!

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David Jeffrey Spetch

Apr 15, 2012, 2:20:19 PM4/15/12

Donald Trump Disrespecting Heterosexuality!

This insanity, Donald Trump appears for now to be supporting by turning a beauty pageant into a circus, makes a complete mockery of heterosexuality and I am completely disgusted and appalled that this got so far out of hand in the first place! What do I mean makes a mockery out of heterosexuality you wonder? Genital mutilation leads to unsuspecting heterosexual victims being taken advantage of in this most disgusting and traumatizing of ways and these homosexuals in getting mutilated genitalia completely disrespects the very foundation of the meaning of the word heterosexuality because again it is heterosexuals who are the victims in this insanity! Donald Trump I am severely disappointed with you for so weakly caving to false accusations of discrimination.

Notice these homosexual activists are focusing only upon pulling for sympathy for these sexually mutilated individuals while having absolutely no regard for the heterosexuals being used as Guinea pigs for their sick deceptions?! This insanity is gone way too far. I for one am not just going to sit back and let it happen! Heterosexuality deserves to be respected, not crapped on in every way by a bunch of homosexuals constantly and falsely whining discrimination while discriminating what it means to be heterosexual / trying to degrade heterosexuals in every way they can possibly think of to now a bunch of dumb guinea pigs to be used and abused at their leisure!

Homosexuals go around expecting everyone to just accept them for being a homosexual and yet they can't accept it when someone claims to be heterosexual. They go way out of their way to try and deceive heterosexuals thus disrespect heterosexuality with having absolutely no regard then these homosexual mentalities then turn around and blame heterosexuals for being taken advantage of and cry hate crime or discrimination every time their sickly actions come with repercussion.

You stand up for homosexual deceptions and the bias media makes you out to be a hero, if you stand up for heterosexuals / heterosexuality being respected and you use fact backing your claims, you are discriminated against in many ways and made out to be a hater. Now you tell me whats wrong with this picture?!!

Heterosexuals / heterosexuality deserves respect, not to be discriminated against / degraded. Everyone who supports genital mutilation (the pageant becoming a circus) supports heterosexuals being taken advantage of / degraded in this most insanely deceptive of ways = discrimination right in the face of the public while deceiving the public to encourage it as a good thing! This is what you are doing Donald! Homosexual activists obviously have no respect for heterosexuality, now they want the public to support this deception which completely disrespects heterosexuality as well disrespects what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman.

You are glorifying this deception by supporting the pageant becoming a circus Donald Trump. You are encouraging homosexuals to continue to disrespect and dump all over heterosexuality!

 The gays base their foundation of every issue on lies and deception as I have so easily proven time and time again over the years. Heterosexuals are not heterosexuals because we want to have sex with a mutilated genital on someone pretending to be the opposite sex! The reason men are called men and women are called women for thousands of years is because it is world knowledge that men are born with penises and women are born with vagina's which is exactly what makes a man a man or a woman a woman no matter how hard it is for any sexually messed up individual to accept themselves for what they really are or no matter how hard they try to deceive the public under such false threats of discrimination! There is no trans gender, there is no gender reassignment, there is only genital mutilation which leads to deceiving and disrespecting and now homosexual activists are using Donald Trump like a limp rag doll to glorify this sick deception.

 They are trying to make a beauty pageant into being about some guy with a mutilated penis attempting to glorify some sick deception / attempting to degrade women to the level of the sexually insane / those who refuse to accept themselves for what they are and yet seem to think it appropriate to blame everyone else for their lack of acceptance while whining discrimination without so much as a trace of validity or in this case without respect for what a woman really is! If these sexually mutilated individuals are so comfortable with what they are then why don't they have a Mutilated Genital Deception Pageant? Oh right because they don't accept themselves for what they really are, they instead for now try to pass the blame on everyone else and call it discrimination.

That is right, Donald Trump is now supporting one of the sickest deceptions in the history of human existence and I plan to put an end to this madness!

You know Donald, I would never wish upon you , your children or grandchildren (or any heterosexual) to be taken advantage of by one of these sexually mutilated individuals even though you are encouraging it Donald! Heterosexuals deserve better because we are after all heterosexuals and that deserves to be respected not shamed with genital mutilation deceptions, not degraded by those having a hard time accepting themselves for what they really are!

Hey I am nice enough Donald to reach out to you and help you to realize this huge mistake in order for you to save some face / realize the damage you are doing by supporting this insanity through this lowest of deceptions and make a turn for the better!

We obviously need some legislation preventing this from continuing to further disease our heterosexuals with homosexual deceptions thus ending such funding and criminalizing anyone who offers genital mutilation in Canada! (I do not see why not everywhere else on the globe) There ought to be laws aimed towards those with mutilated genitalia to be charged severely for touching anyone in any intimate way without first making clear their genitalia was mutilated just so they could pretend to be something they never will be, the opposite sex. This will save many heterosexuals from such traumatizing humiliation, and perhaps lives and physical health of such sexually / mentally messed up individuals.


David Jeffrey Spetch

Ps. Be good, be strong!

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