Canadian Federals Fall Short On Immigration Reform / M. Kenney

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David Jeffrey Spetch

Jul 23, 2012, 3:18:28 PM7/23/12

Canadian Federals Fall Short On Immigration Reform / M. Kenney

A genuine grand slam long term solution

Now I am not going to cut any of you Federal Parliamentarians etc. up this time around, instead I am getting right to a point of interest for all of Canada / Canadians. The entirety of the solution I am about to present, you in Federal Parliament have already precisely found and began to enacted a part of what I am about to share, but it is only a piece of the puzzle so I am here to share with you what Federal Parliament missed so we can do this properly as a Country once and for all. I would Like to thank Minister Kenney himself for taking the time to send me the e-mail with the information on his speech Feb 11 2012 on this very subject. I would like the Minister to know before I move on with this grand slam long term solution, I am still reviewing the other issue he brought to my attention.

A Real Genuine Long Term Solution to the illegal immigration problem:

The XX XX XXXX Date”

The XX XX XXXX date is the day from that date on, all illegal immigrants discovered by public officials in Canada will be immediately deported, no if's and's or but's. Now before you get your pants in a bunch, understand this:

Open a service for people who feel that their lives are at risk in other countries and if it is confirmed valid, have a protocol in place to allow them then to enter the country such as the "Refugee Protection Division" I have just become aware that the Feds are about to enact / or already just did enact in Canada. Hey it's a cost effective "better than nothing" precise part of this bigger picture I now present to you! I am surprised to hear of this Refugee Protection Division because it precisely fits right in with what I am about to share. I personally would opt to call it something other than a division.

Canada could accept to end this whole nightmare by simply getting many illegal immigrants in hiding to turn themselves in to Canadian Officials. Please refrain from laughter upon reading that last statement because it is really very simple. We announce to the public / world via media the xx xx xxxx date and proclaim that from that day on, any illegal immigrants found in Canada will no longer get their day in court, they will be immediately deported and told to apply legally if eligible. So then illegal immigrants already here in Canada before the xx xx xxx date will have to weigh taking their chances at staying hidden and risk immediate deportation from xx xx xxxx date forward if they ever get found. They will have to weigh that against turning themselves in before xx xx xxxx date and at least stand a chance in court before a decision is made to deport them or not. How does that sound as a genuine grand slam long term solution?! Perhaps offer a little incentive as a one time thing before the xx xx xxxx date to get illegal immigrants to come forward, such as a little leniency on criteria just to clean this mess up once and for all. (The incentive part I really have not thoroughly given it much thought but I thought it wouldn't hurt to throw that out there so weigh pros and cons before considering incentive) It's not about pulling a rabbit out of a hat, it is about caring and putting that fat lump that sits on your shoulders to good use! Stop wasting tax dollars on each and every individual illegal immigration case for up to 20 years, how many millions / billions has this already accumulated? Let's be efficient Canada!

Get rid of all illegal immigrants Officially unknown starting at xx xx xxxx date forward because it will obviously keep our arms open to being humanitarians as well will also focus on saving the tax payers a great deal of resources / tax dollars (billions) / time of Public servants and Public Officials etc. especially in the long term here in Canada.

I Can see that Minister Kenney / Canadian Government / Parliament are somewhat on the right track but lets kick this up a notch and go all the way! Lets show our little brother the U.S.A. and the rest of the world how it's done Canada ;)

Part 2. Another point of concern to do with immigration.

A great legitimate concern I also have to do with this issue lay with the high number of people legally immigrating to the Country in 2010, 282,000.

A single brief for example of what this concern is about, Muslims for example of other countries are still stoning people of other religions or people who just-fully so find religion seriously offensive to death. How long will it be before there are enough Muslims populating an area of Canada from these countries before they start stoning people of other religions or people seriously offended by religion to death here in Canada itself?!! It is just plain ignorance not to account for the fact that this occurs and because religious foundations of factually proven lies (every religion) leads people to war and divide right to this very day as it has all over the globe as history reveals for thousands of years leading to the death of millions if not billions! I am also not saying that every Muslim is out to stone people to death but I'll certainly not refrain from pointing out that it is the manifest of ignorance that religion inspires it's followers to do in protection of having religious lies revealed that leads religious followers to doing such grotesque things to others obviously!

We need to protect Canada and get rid of religion all together by sharing the non contestable factual evidence that proves every religion is based upon a foundation of lies as well get everyone to understand that religion inspires it followers / the religious to steal everything they can get their hands on from society, Earth, the universe, the paranormal, the dead, human morality, names from people etc. to attribute everything they steal to their factually proven foundation of lies. All of these things the religious attempt to steal to attribute to their foundation of lies will continue to exist long after religion is gone as these things existed long before the disease known as religion first infected the globe thousands of years ago! I have been sharing that very non contestable factual evidence which beyond any shadow of doubt proves that “every” religion is based upon a foundation of lies for quite some time now and even though there is some progress such as cutting public funding to religious schools, I am very disappointed in the rate of progress in this most positive direction being so slow!

I have not had television since September 2011 due to the invasion of digital grave robbers and I have noticed that allot of the news passes me by, or I get it later than everyone else now days so again I would like to thank Minister Kenney for taking the time to share with me this info and the info on the other issue.

Any of you Public Officials are welcome to share with me information on current issues that concern you and if I feel the need I will task my talents of dissecting the issue and presenting a genuine long term solution that is fair and best works efficiently for everyone involved as well open your eyes to what exists that you didn't previously see via media etc. I'm pretty good at seeing through BS, seeing the big picture and seeing relevant points of fact on the foundation of issues / problems that people would otherwise let go unnoticed along with the solutions I present. Keep in mind that I do not only stand on Guard for Canada, I stand on guard for the globe / the well being of the future of the life on this planet as well.


David Jeffrey Spetch

Ps. Be good, be strong!

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