(Revised) Canada & First / Six Nations. The unanswered question(s) and outrage

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David Jeffrey Spetch

Jul 13, 2011, 4:31:09 PM7/13/11
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(Revised) Canada & First / Six Nations. The unanswered question(s) and outrage
(My bad, I pulled off a quickie at the library as I am usually pressed for time and realised when I got home how poorly it was written so here it is) 

Upon the completion of the war of 1812 - 1814 and the formation of Canada, the First / Six Nations didn't want anything to do with the tax based governing system, they wanted land so that they could govern / chief themselves.

So why are they getting Canadian Governing Social assistance? Why are they using Canadian Hospitals? Why are they Using Canadian Legal Aid or School systems? Why do they get the service of Fire and Police assistance? Why do they get housing funding etc. from the Canadian government when it is up to the first six nations so called governing system to provide for themselves? And to top it off they get to keep their land claims then turn around and try and tell Canadian Tax payers that we owe them for it when they have been using Canadian governing for quite some time??!

Upon the use of Canadian governing / the services / the system renders all treaties void because the reason these treaties were created in the first place was because First Six nations wanted nothing to do with Tax based governing offered by the Monarchy at the time, they wanted land to govern themselves. Since when does governing yourself mean Canadian Tax payers paying your way? Since when does an agreement remain honourable when the reason for the agreement is breached in the first place?

Oh yeah sure that makes sense, make land claim treaties because you want nothing to do with Canadian governing then turn around and demand governing services from the very government they wanted nothing to do with in the first place which is why the land treaties were created, then whine and complain about treaties being violated while not paying taxes and using all governing services at the expense of those who do pay taxes!

This is ridiculous. Govern yourselves and keep your land claims, or accept Canadian governing and give the land claims up / pay taxes like everyone else plain and simple.

How have Canadian tax payers been getting duped to flip this bill all of this time? Why do these so called land claims seem to be keep popping up out of nowhere? Is there pay offs on the Federal level of governing here in Canada to screw Canadians for personal gain?

A little off topic, I'm still furious that filthy religious low life's abducted First / Six Nations children to raise them / abuse them / molest them in their Filthy religious Christian homes, then all of these years later it is the Canadian Government flipping the bill for what these religious low life's did??! Start demolishing religious structures and sell off the land to pay back Canadian tax payers for this outrage created by the religious low life's of that time especially those having wormed their way into to the governing system! Over a billion!

Also, my condolences to the family and Chief who just lost a 5 year old Yellowbird family member out west.

David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
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