Why The Slut Walk Is Ridiculous / Invalid

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David Jeffrey Spetch

Jun 7, 2011, 6:17:59 PM6/7/11
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Why The Slut Walk Is Ridiculous / Invalid

(Whats the matter, you guys have too much of a hard time putting
something so simple into words? Yeah those of you who are familiar
with me likely were hoping i would and those of you just becoming
familiar with me are about to become aware of one of the many reasons
I do what I do)

Here we have a bunch of women going on this Slut Walk and they claim
that this is in support of protesting anyone who says that it is the
woman's fault that women get raped.

Women have made men horny for thousands of years just like men have
made women horny for thousands of years hence here we are which proves
that it is asinine to claim that one gender is not at fault because
women in general will always (as long as humans exist) turn men on and
men in general will always (as long as humans exist) turn women on.
Unfortunately for some it just so happens that we have something
called rapists. Not only men are rapists women are too.

As a heterosexual single male when I see a naked woman, seeing her
naked / near naked has the potential to make me horny just on sight.
Just so happens that I do not rape women. But for all those who do,
how is wearing clothing that lets it all hang out not triggering these
men who do rape women to get horny and start thinking about their next
victim? I mean they are obviously desperate to get off to feel they
have to rape someone in the first place!

It is sad really because I really enjoy bikinis etc. when I go to the
beach but even there lurking amongst the rest of us at any time could
be the next offender getting aroused by near naked bodies. Come back
down to Earth here. If you are going to walk around looking like your
body is hanging out then take precautions like walk with a friend or
carry mace etc. if legal. Even if you are fully clothed, take the same
precaution because there could be some previously aroused predator
looking for their next victim fully clothed or not. Don't let that
victim be you.

Sure if I see something revealing in a skirt of an attractive lady I'm
likely to take a second glance as my heart pounds a little stronger
and I feel that surge of sexual adrenaline and it may even inspire me
to say hi. But we all know that there are sex offenders out there who
likely feel that same sexual adrenaline only they obviously do not
know how to deal with it in an acceptable manner (hence we have laws
against rape) and if I am getting sexual surges upon seeing such
things, how are rapists not being effected by what women wear / how
revealing what they wear is? This so called Slut walk was obviously
not all that well thought out for it doesn't make sense. Sure we don't
want to see women get raped, but it is time to stop ignoring the
obvious that naked or near naked sexually arouses because again women
are getting raped!

I mean what is it you guys are really thinking, the more you let your
bodies hang out the less chance of compelling rapists to get turned on
to their next victim who could very well be the next woman who comes
along who is fully clothed at the wrong place at the wrong time?

I understand that this is a very sensitive issue for many, so no need
to thank me for being here looking out for you victims. I do it
because I care.

No matter what you wear, take every precaution to take care of
yourselves. Be prepared at all times for the well being of your own
self preservation to help prevent rape. I myself am working on the
well being of the future of the life on the planet to make things
safer for everyone which includes major reduction of rape and all
other crime through simple deliverance from temptation to do such in
the first place but that all begins with tearing apart the foundations
of lies our societies have built up even over thousands of years and
restructuring our country / our world around factual foundations to
bring us to something called an age of understanding which is a far
cry from this age of chaos / manipulation foundated on lies which only
feeds the selfish and the greedy who thrive on taking advantage of
those from a time of weakness. Problem for now is that people in
society are still too stupid / blinded by a veil of ignorance to
realize that they support and reward the very selfish and greedy who
will continue to lie steal and cheat until people smarten / wake up
once and for all and put an end to this nightmare.

I'm already on it, I've already been showing the globe the way for

David Jeffrey Spetch

Ps. Be good, be strong!
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