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Gregg Curnow

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Subject: NEW - AFMA seabird ID guide

From AFMA (Australian Fisheries Management Authority):
We thought that you might be interested in the attached “Seabird ID Guide for Commercial Fishers in Southern Australia”. Developed by us, and funded by Caring for our Country, it will  help commercial fishers identify seabirds that are often encountered off southern Australia.The guide has been designed to help fishers identify the seabirds which are often seen in the fishing grounds off in the south east of Australia. The guide includes descriptions of species of albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters: including wandering and Buller’s albatrosses.
We believe that seabirds have an important role in the marine environment, which, in turn supports our fisheries. The guide will help fishers improve the identification of seabirds that they report to AFMA. Better information will mean that  better management decisions can be supported. This will help to ensure that fisheries will continue to be sustainable and profitable into the future.

AFMA Seabird ID Guide 2013.pdf
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