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Rod Johnson

Oct 6, 2022, 12:11:58 AM10/6/22
  I have been out of the country for well over a month, so this reply is a bit late, but maybe useful for later.
  You mentioned Huckleberry Ridge.
  I have operated from several locations up in that area, but much of it was HF during field days.
   Huckleberry Ridge is more of an 'area' with multiple operating  locations.
  There is a very large flat landing which look to the east at about 4500 ft ASL, but does not 'see' the mountain.  It is great for a small group field day operation.
   The 'real' Huckleberry Ridge location has a beautiful view of the north side of Rainier, and is a bit higher ( close to 5300 ft elevation ) the dead end spur road, but is pretty well blocked for most normal cars, by a significant water bar across the road.
  My  4WD Ranger pickup and my AWD Astro van have crossed it and and many jeeps and larger trucks do too.
  There is also Haller Pass, which is a bit lower, and closer to the highway. A spur road toward the west(?) will also get you a view of the mountain, but I am not sure about ground clearance and low tree limbs for your Subaru.

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at 06:51:49 PM PDT, Ray Cannon - W7GLF <> wrote:

At this point I don't know what I am doing.  It's a shame that the Pilchuck landing is such a mess.  It used to be a good place to work into Canada on 10 GHz.  Scott I remember years ago I almost worked you from a beach north of here but I don't remember where that was - it was somewhere KD7TS suggested I try.  Perhaps near Anacortes.  I am looking at Google maps.

If all else fails I can always get on from home. 

I want to try going out to Huckleberry Ridge in CN97 sometime but that is a long way to drive when I don't even know that it has a view to Rainier.  Rod WE7X said it does.  It would probably restrict me to only being able to work people off of Rainier.

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at 1:39:53 PM UTC-7 wrote:
Hello one and all.

Just making plans for this weekends 10Ghz and up contest. 

Contact info: 144.240Mhz USB
                Cell: 604 218 3331 

The call: VA7SC , Scott CHARLES. 

I will be starting on Saturday morning ( around 7 AM ) from Mayne Is looking mostly east  to South East. The veiw is about 120° (  from True north  )

From there, I can see Mount Baker,  Glacier Peak and the Vancouver area. The 
This spot is right on the water

I can only be there UNTIL about 9:30 AM.
Then I will be taking a ferry over to Vancouver Is. and going to the Duncan / Cowichan area in Western CN88. From there I will be operating ( hopefully with Gabor VE7JH ). 

Then....its on to the Nanaimo aera ( South  west corner of CN89. This would most likely be in the late afternoon or past 3PM.
The plan is to catch a ferry after 6 PM.

The next day ( Sunday the 21st ) I will be up at Cypress Provincial Park in North Vancouver looking South and West. Setting up around 9 to 10AM and staying mostly likely until 4pm or if activity is good.

Hope this helps you Guys.

See you on 10Ghz.


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