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Jim Allyn

Mar 11, 2023, 2:59:57 PM3/11/23
to PNW Microwave
Greetings.  I am Jim, N7JA.  I live in Wenatchee in eastern Washington.  I am building a 24 GHz system, a WaveLab 23X1008XP module with the PA0MHE adapter, a W1GHZ dual band 10/24 GHz feed horn, and one of several offset feed dishes I have accumulated.  At some point I will be looking for QSOs on 24 GHZ, but as far as I know, there are no other hams on 24 GHz in the area.  I assume there are hams active on 24 GHz in the Puget Sound area?  Would anybody be interested in attempting to work me when I get my 24 GHz stuff on the air?  Obviously, the Cascade Range makes a direct path between Puget Sound and Wenatchee impossible, but I know of several places nearby that can see Mt. Rainier, and I would think these would also allow access to rain storms for scatter communications and who knows what else?  Any interest?  It will probably be mid summer before I am QRV on 24 GHz, so I'm giving you plenty of advance notice!

I intend to get on other microwave bands as time and funds permit, and will be looking for cross-the-Cascades QSOs on other bands also.  I recently brought a dead DEMI 1296 transverter back to life and will be cobbling together some kind of transportable antenna for that soon.  I have long wanted to get on microwaves, but there was nobody else in the area to talk microwaves with until Al, W7HDD, and I recently discovered each other, to the delight of both!  We hope to stir up more microwave interest in the Wenatchee area, and we have.  There is now a microwave interest group in the Apple City Amateur Radio Club.  One of the local ISPs asked the club president if the club would like 30 or so dishes, ranging in size from about a foot to 4 feet?  He asked me if we would, and I informed him that yes, we would!  Now it appears we will be getting some of the data radios that went with those dishes.  I'm hoping we can hack them to run SSB/CW through them.  Wish us luck.

Mike Lewis

Mar 11, 2023, 4:41:58 PM3/11/23
to Jim Allyn, PNW Microwave

There are some 24G operators on the wet side.  They may not all be on this sub-list. 


I have 5G and 10G.  Looking at 24G in the future.  I built a Teensy Arduino based SDR touchscreen IF rig intended to provide direct frequency readout and control for bands up to 122GHz. 


I used to frequent the high spots around Lake Chelan and Tunk Mtn and now living in only 1 state again and with my new truck camper, I am planning to once again do some radio in those areas again.  For now I cannot make a schedule so have to see how life goes come July onwards when my work obligations should subside for several months.


  • Mike
  • K7MDL CN88sf

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Ray Cannon - W7GLF

Mar 12, 2023, 12:54:19 AM3/12/23
to PNW Microwave
Not sure I know everyone but I know I am on 24 GHz as well as N0CYT and W7PUA.   There may be others - I know W7LHL had a 24 GHz transverter and I am not sure who ended up with that one.  I run about 2 watts into a 12" dish.  It would help to get a bigger dish but I will need to think about how to do that.  My transverter is currently a DB6NT running into an mm-Tech 2 watt amplifier into a homebrew circular waveguide transition to feed a commercial Cassegrain 12" dish.  

Doug N7BFS

Mar 12, 2023, 10:56:32 AM3/12/23
to PNW Microwave
Hi Jim, though I have no K band equipment at the moment, I'd be interested in keeping in touch with you as there are not many folks interested in Microwave operation east of the Cascades.
I've done some S and X band work years ago and would like to get active at some point again. I'll have to research the K band items and see what their availability is, maybe we could do some cross-state experiments (Mt Spokane to Naneum/Mission) in the summer time :)

I've got a few different sized dishes in storage and most of my parts and pieces are there too but I do want to get Spokane county active at some point.

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