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Aug 16, 2022, 4:39:53 PM8/16/22
to PNW Microwave, PNWVHF,, DAVE MILLER VE7HR, Mark Spencer, David Fee,
Hello one and all.

Just making plans for this weekends 10Ghz and up contest. 

Contact info: 144.240Mhz USB
                Cell: 604 218 3331 

The call: VA7SC , Scott CHARLES. 

I will be starting on Saturday morning ( around 7 AM ) from Mayne Is looking mostly east  to South East. The veiw is about 120° (  from True north  )

From there, I can see Mount Baker,  Glacier Peak and the Vancouver area. The 
This spot is right on the water

I can only be there UNTIL about 9:30 AM.
Then I will be taking a ferry over to Vancouver Is. and going to the Duncan / Cowichan area in Western CN88. From there I will be operating ( hopefully with Gabor VE7JH ). 

Then....its on to the Nanaimo aera ( South  west corner of CN89. This would most likely be in the late afternoon or past 3PM.
The plan is to catch a ferry after 6 PM.

The next day ( Sunday the 21st ) I will be up at Cypress Provincial Park in North Vancouver looking South and West. Setting up around 9 to 10AM and staying mostly likely until 4pm or if activity is good.

Hope this helps you Guys.

See you on 10Ghz.


Fred W

Aug 16, 2022, 6:21:07 PM8/16/22
to Scott CHARLES, PNW Microwave, PNWVHF,, DAVE MILLER VE7HR, Mark Spencer, David Fee,
So I worked on my 10GHz transverter Sunday at the microwave meeting and seemed to have gotten it working. We made one two way contact across the garage, I'm going to try and field test it this week.

If things work out I plan on heading to a CN88 spot in Marysville on Saturday. From there we have made contacts off Mt. Rainier, Mt Pilchuck and the southern Olympics. There is a small view to Mt Baker, but we've never tried to use it.

I usually don't get set up until about 11am Saturday, not sure about everyone else, activity seems to start dying off by 2pm. If someone would like, we could make arrangements for other times.

Nick - N0CYT and I have been searching for a location in CN98 with a view to Mt Rainier, but so far we haven't found anything promising. I've heard that there used to be a location on Mt Pilchuck that was good and found some details on Barry's - K7BHW website. But I haven't seen anything that's less than about 10 years old.

To Scott,
I have a location not far from my house, it's in CN87 that should have a view to Glacier Peak, Mt Pilchuck and possibly Mt Baker although I haven't checked it out. I'll get over there this week.
So if you want to try working off one of those from Mayne, I could try to drag myself over there early Saturday. It's not that I'm not up, it's that I'm slow to get started. :-)

Fred - n7fw

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Mike Lewis

Aug 16, 2022, 7:18:09 PM8/16/22
to Fred W, Scott CHARLES, PNW Microwave, PNWVHF,, DAVE MILLER VE7HR, Mark Spencer, David Fee,
I was up on the Pilchuck bench in Sept 2020. Was in my Jeep.  The road is very beat up and and overgrown but passable, i had no roof antennas mounted so could crash through.

The bench has no clear horizon, the trees have all grown up since 2005 ear when we used it for microwave all the time.

Green Mtn across the river on the north is 3000ft but is also blocked by taller trees, the clear cut has filled in. There is one narrow gap in the trees that looks SSE.  Taking the road to the top of Green puts you east of Pilchuck blocking the view south, was a flat meadow with lots of bees and bear hunters on ATVs.

If you have batteries the gazebo at the Little Mtn park east of Mt Vernon at 900ft might work south but it is in CN88.


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Ray Cannon - W7GLF

Aug 16, 2022, 9:51:47 PM8/16/22
to PNW Microwave
At this point I don't know what I am doing.  It's a shame that the Pilchuck landing is such a mess.  It used to be a good place to work into Canada on 10 GHz.  Scott I remember years ago I almost worked you from a beach north of here but I don't remember where that was - it was somewhere KD7TS suggested I try.  Perhaps near Anacortes.  I am looking at Google maps.

If all else fails I can always get on from home. 

I want to try going out to Huckleberry Ridge in CN97 sometime but that is a long way to drive when I don't even know that it has a view to Rainier.  Rod WE7X said it does.  It would probably restrict me to only being able to work people off of Rainier.

Fred W

Aug 18, 2022, 2:35:33 PM8/18/22
to Ray Cannon - W7GLF, PNW Microwave
I scouted the location in cn87 not too far from the QTH. Mt Pilchuck, Glacier Peak and Mt Baker are all workable.

Scott, if you want to try for Saturday morning, I will plan to be there about 8:30? Otherwise I will just head over to cn88 and set up there probably around 10.
Normally Nick and I are there and point to Mt Rainier first.

I have another area in cn98 that I would like to check for any path's out. Maybe Mt Rainier? ~10%

Fred - N7FW

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Ray Cannon - W7GLF

Aug 18, 2022, 6:29:40 PM8/18/22
to PNW Microwave

I assume you are on the PNWVHFS Microwave reflector.  That is where others are discussing their plans.

I guess some others plan to use 144.240 instead of 144.250 which is what has been used here for many years.  I guess I will just have to try both back and forth.

I am thinking of going up to CN96 again probably on Saturday around 10 AM.  It should be the best spot to hear you since I will be close to Mt Rainier.  The road stinks (at least it did the last time I was up there) so I hope I can get there.

As I remember there is no cell service there so I will probably only be able to talk on 144.

On 8/17/2022 9:13 AM, John McCormick wrote:

Hi Ray,


When we met at the Puyallup swap meet, you said you were still interested in trying to work me on 10 GHz. If still interested, I can be available Sat or Sun.

I would be in the Oregon coast range at 2300 ft.  with a clear view of Mt Rainier and other mountains. CN85hq.

I can have 144.240 available. Maybe others in the Seattle area would be interested also. Sept is also a possibility but weather and my availability are not clear.


Hope to hear from you,

Best regards,


John  K7CVU

Frank M. Kromann

Aug 19, 2022, 12:15:53 AM8/19/22
to Ray Cannon - W7GLF, PNW Microwave,

Adding Dave (AD6A) to the conversation.

- Frank

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Aug 19, 2022, 2:41:01 AM8/19/22
to Frank M. Kromann, Ray Cannon - W7GLF, PNW Microwave,
Hi Guys

The first location on Mayne Is. At Oyster Bay in  CN88IU is good shot to the East to the Vancouver area. 
This spot is NOT good for a view of Mount Baker and Glacier Peak

Saturday afternoon, I'll be over on Vancouver Island. 
I am sure that the spots on Vancouver Is will be better for the US guys.

Early On Sunday, the plan is to be up on Cypress Provincial Park ( CN89JI ) to hopefully work the southern stations.

Scott, VA7SC 

144.240Mhz  usb

Frank M. Kromann

Aug 19, 2022, 11:56:22 AM8/19/22
to Scott CHARLES, Ray Cannon - W7GLF, PNW Microwave,

Hi Scott,

Will you have a view of the Olympics from any of these locations? I'm in CN87tl with a clear view of them. Let me know a time if want to give it a try. I have an 18" dish and 2-3W.

- Frank


Fred W

Aug 19, 2022, 9:42:14 PM8/19/22
to PNW Microwave
It doesn't look like I need to be on early, so I'll be in cn88 listening south at about 10am Saturday morning.

Monitoring 2m ssb.

Fred - n7fw

Ray Cannon - W7GLF

Aug 19, 2022, 10:28:01 PM8/19/22
to PNW Microwave
I think everyone saw my mail.  I am confused by the choice to use 144.240 but I will do it.  Remember there is a net on a 8 AM on Sunday on that frequency so it cannot be used for coordination from 8 until 9 AM.

I will be leaving around Saturday about7:30 AM and will be on 144.250 during my drive down to CN96AW.  When I get beam up (ETA 10 AM) I will try 144.240.  I can send a beacon on 10368.2.  I should be GPS locked onto frequency (fingers crossed).

I don't think I will have cell coverage but we will see.

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at 1:39:53 PM UTC-7 wrote:

Mark Spencer

Aug 19, 2022, 11:14:06 PM8/19/22
to Frank M. Kromann, Scott CHARLES, Ray Cannon - W7GLF, PNW Microwave,
Hi Frank.  I expect to have a view of the Olympics from Cypress on Saturday morning.  My station does not have as much gain as Scott's station does so I doubt I will be able to work over the same distances and paths Scott typically does (I have 3 watts into a (18 dbi ?) horn which Dave VE7HR has graciously loaned me as I have yet to get my dish fully functional.)

Anyways I plan to be onsite at cypress tomorrow at 7:00 am, primarily to work Scott, Dave and Gabor but would be happy to try and work other stations.  

Text messaging is probably best for coordination but I will have some VHF gear with me as well on Saturday.

No worries if you want to wait for Scott to be in the same location on Sunday.

Mark S

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