March Microwave Build Day

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AG6QV - Frank

Mar 24, 2022, 11:05:35 PMMar 24
Hello Everyone,

The microwave build is on the 4ths Sunday of every month. In March that
will be on the 27th. The garage is open from 9am to noon-ish.

- Frank

73 de AG6QV

Ray Cannon - W7GLF

Mar 25, 2022, 11:05:43 PMMar 25
to PNW Microwave
I plan to make it.  Fred - bring your 122 GHz if you still want it reprogrammed. 

I have been fighting with Microsoft Update to WSL 2 version on my desktop WIndows 10 machine.  The buzz on the net is that Micrrosoft pushed down the wrong CPU version rather than x64 version.  I am capturing stuff from my disk in case I need to restore from an earlier backup before I try a manual update.  Hopefully that will stop Microsoft Update from crashing with a 8024200B error when I run it.  Fingers crossed.   Another choice is to remove WSL 2 and hopefully update will start working again.

I see the update says it is superceded by update version and so I am not sure why Microsoft update is still trying to download 

Aside:  Microsoft has the worst error reporting for any commercial product I have ever seen.  Many mysterious HEX error codes and no one seems to know what they mean.  One's only hope seems to search the Internet and sift through multiple opinions of what they mean and hopefully someone's fix might fix whatever is causing them.  I read through the Update log  under c:\Windows\Logs but no description of the error other than the error code. Error codes seem to be catch-all codes because apparently many different scenarios produce the same error code.  I have wasted a whole day trying to figure this one out - finally a bunch of other people popped up on the Internet having similar problems with the update (of course with different error codes).

The other news is I bought a HackRF One at the hamfest.  Hopefully I can do the tutorial and learn something about SDRs using GRCRadio.  Currently I have been running Pentoo from a USB stick but I am thinking about installing Pentoo on my Surface Pro 3 (which has been acting up lately - bad keyboard and battery cannot hold a charge).  I have sent bought a newer laptop for Windows.  I have read GRCRadio works much better on the Pentoo.

I guess my big excitement is that I worked KD7UO (34 miles) with the HackRF ONE on 144.200 (running about 10 milliwatts).

Ray Cannon - W7GLF

Mar 26, 2022, 12:14:32 AMMar 26
to PNW Microwave
Hurray - when I manually installed the patch the system was happy again and installed and  If the system keeps working for several weeks I guess I should make another backup....

Nick Krachmalnick

Mar 26, 2022, 10:14:16 AMMar 26
to Ray Cannon - W7GLF, PNW Microwave
Hi Ray,

Glad that your computer patch is working. 

The last 122 GHz board I received needs some programming and will bring it with on Sunday.



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