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Bega Valley Genealogy Society ON LINE

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Jan 21, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/21/00
Hi Guys.
The Bega Valley Genealogy Society has now a web page.

The page has also a e-group for the South Coast region for anyone who is
interested it's subscription form can be accessed from the front page.
The Bega Valley is situated on the far south coast of NSW for those of you
who have never heard of the place, and is a fairly old region with lots of
interesting history. Ben Boyd's whaling venture, Gold Mining at Pambula,
Whipstick and Wolumla as well as a outstanding rural history with farms such
as the prestigious Kameruka.
Hoping that I have not bored you all too much.
Allison Newton
Moderator of convicts australia

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