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Nov 29, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/29/00
Dear genealogy friends

Almost every message that is posted to a newsgroup on the internet is
archived in the databases at This international source of
information (made up by you, me and the rest of the world in any
possible language) can be consulted via their searchmechanism. To make
it even more simple I created a free and non-commercial, pre-programmed
usenet search facility for the (genealogy)archives. Specially
tuned for fast and easy (re)search in 64 genealogy newsgroups from all
over the world, abt. 410000 postings are searched within seconds. Its
also possible to refine your search by country, topic or newsgroup or
use the Author Profile Search

You can find the site at:

Suggestion: Search for surnames, locations, or e-mail addresses. It
can be useful to find out this way if someone else was looking for the
same data as you.

There is also an option to search for keys in last years postings in
all 45.0000 ! discussion forums at deja (abt. 180000000 postings!)
Maybe you can find some useful information from the past, reread all
your unenet postings, or just review that ludicrous flame...

It's just a simple tool, Sometimes the results are a bit foggy, but
always better then nothing. Enjoy yourself with the usenet genealogy
archives searchpage!!

Regards, Rob Kuijsten,
Culemborg, Netherlands

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