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Come visit MadRom! Telnet to port 1536

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David Lamb

Aug 4, 2000, 3:00:00 AM8/4/00
Apart from the fact that mention is made of "young and old", whatever has
this got to do with genealogy? If I was looking for role play games, I
wouldn't have joined a genealogy newsgroup.
David Lamb
MadRom wrote in message ...
>Looking for an online game that requires no downloading and is
>fun to play? How about a role-playing game that hosts numerous
>tribes, holds frequent multiplayer events, and is challenging to
>people both young and old?
>Come visit MadROM at: telnet://
>to find out why we are the best on the net! Never played
>or don't know what a mud is? No problem. You'll find plenty
>of players that are willing to help new mudders.
>Why don't you visit MadROM and see what it's all about!
>So telnet to, port 1536, or click here:
>Happy Gaming!

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