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Da Burb

Oct 22, 2022, 3:51:31 AM10/22/22
to PMW_Music
Hello all,

I'm trying to make stave 1 disappear until it is need for two solo bits later (bar 36). It is working fine except for the empty stave at the start of the music (only the one movement). This empty line only has the treble clef and time signature ('C'), the bar lines, and nothing else.

I have tried "suspend 1" in the header, 'suspend' in the stave definition, and as a directive, as well as a mix of these. I've also tried R! instead of Q!. The omitempty is a recent addition.

Relevant part of file (currently) looks like this

barnumbers boxed 999
suspend 1

[stave 1 omitempty]
[35] Q! | [resume] [text underlay]
"Solo (Sop)"/a

Any hints much appreciated. Although I've been using PMW on and off for almost 20 years (usually for transposing) this is the first time I've done something a bit more complex.

Also there seems to be a bug using the [reset] directive with vocals. I get the vocals for the next bar over-printing the vocals for the bar with the [reset] - however I got around that by creating another stave with zero spacing (it is clever enough to space the lyrics from the first stave correctly - even when the additional stave has extra notes - thank you for that Philip)).

Thank you, and have a good day.


Philip Hazel

Oct 22, 2022, 5:18:50 AM10/22/22
Which version of PMW are you using? "Suspend 1" should be all that you need - one of the website's samples (Sample01) does exactly this. If you email me ( your complete file, I will see if I can reproduce the problem and if I do, figure out what's going on. // As for [reset], that's an oversight, I guess. PMW isn't very clever - it just allocates underlay syllables to the next notes that it reads, without understanding [reset]. I've made a note (!) to see if this can be improved when I next do some work on PMW (don't hold your breath). Meanwhile, the easiest thing to do is to split the underlay between bars like this:   "one two three"/ul  ggg [reset] ccc | "four five six"/ul aaa |    so that there is no pending underlay when the notes following [reset] are read. // Thanks for continuing to use PMW.


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Da Burb

Oct 23, 2022, 1:02:18 AM10/23/22
to PMW_Music
Hello all,

I just got it working. "suspend 1" by itself is working - I thought I'd already tried it by itself, but I must have left another suspend in the code :(

As you have a different solution to the vocals [reset] issue, it shows how versatile PMW is.

All now good. Thank you for your time.

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