PM0889: E-text of the work "avinayat tiraTTu" by aviyanaAr is now available

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Project Madurai

Nov 19, 2022, 11:18:11 AM11/19/22
to, Project Madurai
Dear Promads:

We are pleased to release the e-text of an ancient work that is included
in the volume on Tamil works that have been lost, edited by Mayilai Cini

அவிநயத் திரட்டு
('மறைந்துபோன தமிழ் நூல்கள்'
மயிலை சீனிவேங்கடசாமி தொகுப்பு)
ஆசிரியர் : அவிநயனார்

avinaT tiraTTu
by avinAyanAr
Edited by mayilai cIni vengkaTacAmi
In Tamil script, unicode/utf-8 format

This forms PM release #889.

You can access the e-text file (HTML and PDF versions) in Tamil
Unicode  using the following URLs

in html /UTF8 format :

as PDF file

We take this opportunity to place our sincere gratitude and appreciation to
late Mr. N.D. Logasundaram for his long support to Project Madurai. This work is the
last one he prepared for publication as part of Project Madurai collections.

Our Sincere thanks go to Tamil Virtual Academy for providing a scanned PDF of this work.
We thank Mr. N.D. Logasundaram, Chennai, India for assistance in the preparation of the
soft copy of this work for Project Madurai.
Preparation of HTML and PDF versions: Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram, Lausanne, Switzerland.

(k. Kalyanasundaram)
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