PM0964: E-text of kOtai nAcciyAr tAlATTu -English Translation by Kausalya Hart now available

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Project Madurai

Apr 14, 2023, 12:31:35 PM4/14/23
to, Project Madurai
Dear Promads:

Talattu (lullaby) is a quiet, gentle musical composition sung to put small children to sleep. 
Kotai nAcciyAr tAlATTu is one such lullaby work found in the palm leaf manuscripts at 
Alwar Thirunagari collections.  It is sung on Andal (aka Kothai, Nacciyar) the only female 
AlwAr saint among the 12 Hindu Poet-saints of South India. The source verses of this work
have been published earlier as PM release #112. We are pleased to add the English Translation 
of this key literary work by Dr. Kausalya Hart (formerly of the Univ. of California at Berkeley, USA):

கோதை நாச்சியார் தாலாட்டு
ஆங்கில மொழிபெயர்ப்பு
கௌசல்யா ஹார்ட்

kOtai nAcciyAr tAlaTTu,
English translation
by Dr. Kausalya Hart
In Tamil script, unicode/utf-8 format

This forms PM release #964.

You can access the e-text file (HTML and PDF versions) in Tamil
Unicode  using the following URLs

in html /UTF8 format :

as PDF file

We thank Dr. Kausalya Hart for providing a soft copy of this translation and for the permissions
to include this work as part of Project Madurai collections.
Preparation of HTML and PDF versions: Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram, Lausanne, Switzerland.

(K. Kalyanasundaram)

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