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Jeffrey Warren

Jul 28, 2016, 1:20:28 PM7/28/16
Can I also ask for one line from each of you on how you're thinking about:

* adding newcomer-friendly documentation if your project adds steps to the initial installation process
* what parts of your projects (even small parts) could be turned into "help-wanted" issues for after the summer ends?

Keep in mind that help-wanted tags can even just be a good "bookmark" for yourself to circle back to a feature later, if you document them well. Read some tips on how to write a good one here:

It was great meeting you on video! 


Richard Meister

Jul 29, 2016, 2:50:36 PM7/29/16
to plots-gsoc,
Here comes my summary: I've prepared webjack for use with Firmata and implemented a first version of 'webjack-firmata' ( ).

I'll try to keep documentation for first-time users in mind, but surely I'll forget some things :S
Maybe we could 'swap' projects amongst us GSoC'ers to test how intuitive the install process is, so everyone trys to install the project of someone else and can give feedback about it? Just an idea.

Obviously, in my case 'help-wanted' issues could be further compatibility testing of both, dev boards and smartphones. 


Jitesh Jha

Jul 31, 2016, 12:59:58 PM7/31/16
to plots-gsoc,
        This week, I have extended translation support to User(sign up/login/profile/tags/etc) views, opened an Open Source account on Transifex for translations and I am going to write up a Internationalization How-To page in a couple of days.


Jeff, I'm about to move on from storing locale in cache/session, to sub-domains like : '', for RESTfulness as the locale should be transparent and a part of the URL(If a user wants to share a page with someone, they should see the same page and content as the user).

As for the Internationalization process -- I'm going to write up a Research note on the process of Internationalization, with the steps to help someone who's interested in adding I18n - translate lines to our views.

Since I have about 2 weeks left, I'm planning to complete the necessary views translations in the first week, and on the second week, I would clean the code, add profile tags for authenticated users, and complete our translation project on Transifex. These two steps should be completed by August 15. Lots to do!


Liz Barry

Aug 1, 2016, 9:28:38 AM8/1/16
to Jitesh Jha, plots-gsoc, Jeffrey Warren
This sounds fantastic folks!

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Ananyo Maiti

Aug 1, 2016, 6:41:07 PM8/1/16
to Liz Barry, Jitesh Jha, plots-gsoc, Jeffrey Warren
Hi all,
Extremely sorry for being so late. I am trying to be at par to my timeline.

This week I primarily worked on the modified views and listing for User profile and Q & A pages. Details on this can be found in the Pull request #628. I also posted a research note on the Progress of my project on I hope that I can complete all the feature requests within this week and for the last week I will try to do some work on the Publiclab Rich Editor. If I miss any feature proposed within this time I will make it a help-wanted issue tagged with an enhancement label.

Thanks & Regards,

Jeffrey Warren

Aug 2, 2016, 11:23:31 AM8/2/16
to Ananyo Maiti, Liz Barry, Jitesh Jha, plots-gsoc
Thanks, all! Richard, i love the "swapping" idea -- maybe in our last week?

Jitesh, sounds great. 

Ujitha -- let's work hard to get that code merged and deployed, since we have little time left! Perhaps Ananyo can offer advice about a stub for the Solr service so that if it's not available, it's still possible to boot and generally use the application?

Ananyo, love the hard work you're doing, thank you!


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