Great pull requests today, thank you all!

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Jeffrey Warren

Jun 7, 2016, 1:08:41 PM6/7/16
We had a really great day of big changes and new code today (almost all merged!), and I just wanted to thank everyone who submitted for the Tuesday merge. 

We now have:

* basic profile tagging, which you can try out on your profile page in the latest master (press the "preview" button)
* a questions page which continues to improve:
* a fast evolving new search system!
* a client-side test suite (more on this soon)
* lots of other changes

As work continues -- a few notes:

* inline javascript: if you're writing javascript into an .erb template, please keep it to an absolute minimum. You may need to pass unique IDs or other info from the database -- use a short constructor function to do so, and keep your code in /app/assets/javascripts/ -- please ask me if you need tips on this. 

Please see the checklists I've added to your issues and pull requests, and open new issues where appropriate. I'm going to be a little more strict as time goes on on issues like code style and cleanliness, and thorough testing. 

Thanks for a great start to the week, everyone!


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