Paris Bobun Sprint #2 at Google HQ : getting Open Social into Plone

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Jérôme Petazzoni

Oct 29, 2008, 9:10:28 AM10/29/08
to,,,, David Sapiro - Pilot Systems
Dear all,

Pilot Systems and Google are pleased to announce the second Paris Bobun
Sprint, which will take place at the Google Paris HQ, from wednesday,
november the 26th to sunday, november the 30th, 2008.

The goal of this sprint is to enable Plone as an Open Social container,
allowing any Plone site to host Open Social applications (also nicknamed
"gadgets", or "boxes", since those applications tend to be enclosed in a
well-delimited box of a social network website).

Q: What is Open Social?
A: It is a specification written by a group of social networks (Orkut,
Hi5, Friendster, Viadeo, LinkedIn, among others), allowing developers to
write applications (aka gadgets) which will work on any Open Social
enabled network. See [1] and [2] for more detailed informations.

Q: Wait, what is a "social application"?
A: It is a web-based application, embedded into a social network. For
instance, Facebook applications are social applications. However, we are
targetting more business-oriented applications there.

Q: Do you want to build a social network with Plone?
A: Yes and no. Not one like Facebook, Orkut or LinkedIn, of course. But
the concepts of social networks can easily be translated to Plone
websites, especially collaborative tools like Intranets and CMS.

Q: What are those concepts and how to you want to apply them to Plone
A: Open Social applications can basically get 3 kinds of information :
who is the user (and what are his attributes, like name, age, etc), who
are his friends or groups (links in the social network), and what he has
been doing lately (as an "activity stream" conceptually similar to a RSS
feed). Applications can also post events in this "activity stream". In a
Plone-based CMS, you can (for instance) dynamically create groups based
on the users who did edit (or change state) of a document ; and you can
make up an activity stream based on who did view/edit/whatever documents
in the web site.

Q: How is that useful?
A: Most Open Social applications are funny, but not very
business-oriented. Our target are not the "poke your friend the werewolf
to turn him into a zombie vampire" applications (although you could
embed them alright). We would rather see applications able to compose
useful information from the activity stream, or present them in a more
useful way - for instance, showing recent edits of a document in a tag

Q: I want to get involved, how can I help?
A: We are looking for developers, but also for people to test, document,
and of course actually use Open Social in Plone. We also would like to
join forces with the Plone Social Networking group [3]. As usual in the
communauty, everyone can help. Feel free ton contact, or to get in touch with jpetazzo on #pbs2 on
Freenode. (PBS2 stands for Paris Bobun Sprint, 2nd edition, in case you
were wondering.)

Q: I am familiar with Plone internals, and this stuff sounds cool ; and
I want to come and join the sprint!
A: Great! We will be very happy to have you in the team. Since Google
can only host a finite amount of coders, please get in touch with (or jpetazzo on Freenode) to book a
seat for the sprint itself.




Jérôme Petazzoni -
Pilot Systems - 9, rue Desargues - 75011 Paris
Tel : +33 1 44 53 05 55 -
Hébergement Zope et Plone gratuit -

Jérôme Petazzoni

Nov 24, 2008, 5:28:14 AM11/24/08
to,,,, David Sapiro - Pilot Systems, Chris Chabot
Dear all,

Due to a mostly suboptimal communication (I'm the one responsible for
it, so sue me), we could not gather enough coders to make the Open
Social Sprint (due end of this week) a successful event.
So we decided to postpone the sprint to 2009. Those interested are
invited to join the Open Plans project[1] dedicated to the sprint, so we
can chose together a new schedule.


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