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This group is for discussion of interest to regular PLINK 1.9 and 2.0 users.  For major release announcements only, subscribe to plink2-announce instead.  (Everything in plink2-announce will be cross-posted here, so there is no need to subscribe to both.)  For discussion of the source code, refer to plink2-dev.

We are primarily interested in the following three types of feedback during the current testing phase:
1. Bug reports, obviously.  Unexpected and unwanted incompatibilities with PLINK 1.07's interface count as bugs.  When making a bug report, please include a supporting .log file.
2. Remarks on our documentation.  We'll try to rewrite/redesign any parts that are confusing.
3. New feature requests.  This can range from little bits of interface cleanup, to full calculations which cannot currently be performed at satisfactory speed/scale with existing software.