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This is the primary technical support group for PLINK 1.9 and 2.0 users.  Please post full .log file(s) when asking for troubleshooting help and/or reporting a bug.

It was previously also intended as a venue for other discussion of general interest to PLINK users, but there's too much technical-support traffic for that to work well.  Instead:

- Major release announcements (including major bugfixes) are posted to the plink2-announce Google group.  They will still be cross-posted to plink2-users.

- Feature requests and well-informed bug reports can be made at .  (But if you've encountered behavior where you're unsure whether it's a bug or a feature you're unaware of, plink2-users is better.)  Feature requests can range from little bits of interface cleanup, to full calculations which cannot currently be performed at satisfactory speed/scale with existing software.  Unexpected and unwanted incompatibilities between PLINK 1.9 and PLINK 1.07's interface count as bugs.

- Remarks on our documentation are welcome either here or on GitHub.  We'll try to rewrite/redesign any parts that are confusing.