"binary digit parity" Hex variant?

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Sep 27, 2006, 9:31:04 AM9/27/06
to playhex
This morning I got an email digest for playhex, with three new messages
regarding a Hex variant thought up (apparently) by Tom Cooper:

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Date: Tues, Sep 26 2006 7:09 pm
From: Tom Cooper

>Are you all still there? You've been very quiet.

I suspect everyone's been lured away by muslims.

I just thought of a (fairly obvious) variant of hex (or of that
triangular version). The difference is that the move order is
changed from BWBWBWBW... to BWWBWBBWWBBWBWWBW... where the sequence
is given by the odd-even parity of the sum of the binary digits of
the natural numbers thus:

Natural number Sum of Digits Parity Player
0 0 E B
1 1 O W
10 1 O W
11 2 E B
100 1 O W
101 2 E B
110 2 E B
111 3 O W
1000 1 O W

I suppose a client and server could be written which would display the
current value of the number, and perhaps even provide the exact move
order for the next N moves. But for playing face to face, you would
probably need paper and pencil, right? Make your move, write down the
new number. This seems far away from the spirit of simplicity that was
part of the creation of Hex in the first place.

Apparently, since members may post by email instead of on the website
(like I am doing,) not all playhex threads are preserved on the Google
website.I say this because the thread I mention, "OT: Hex variant" is
not visible on Google (yet.) When I joined this group, I was given an
option to not receive any emails. Those members who chose this option,
as far as I can tell, are not able to access any posts made by email.
Is this the normal state of affairs for Google groups? There must be
more popular groups where this aspect would be noticed and discussed.
Or will the thread show up later?

David J Bush

Sep 29, 2006, 8:41:35 AM9/29/06
to pla...@googlegroups.com
The thread "OT: Hex variant" still has not shown up on the Google
website, now two days after my post.

I am mailing this follow-up, mainly to see if it will show up added
to my thread on the Google site or not.

Sorry about being off topic, but I need to use the original subject.

Kevin O'Gorman

Sep 30, 2006, 11:45:02 AM9/30/06
to pla...@googlegroups.com

Some of the messages are actually filed under "New version created from Jhex",
possibly because someone posted by replying to an email, thinking that
changing the subject would sever the connection to the older thread.
Apparently Google is "smarter" than that, and stitches together postings
that come from a thread with varying subjects. They probably use the
In-Reply-To: headers that other thread-preserving software uses.

To start a new thread, please start fresh.

++ kevin

Kevin O'Gorman, Ph.D. (805) 756-2986 mailto:kogo...@pacbell.net
Home Page: http://www.csc.calpoly.edu/~kogorman

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